[BANGTAN BOMB] 'Coming of age ceremony' Dance cover by Jimin & Jung Kook - BTS (방탄소년단)

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  1. Hanmy Jeon
    Hanmy Jeon
    Pred 35 minútami

    3:03 Oh JiKook's hair😳

  2. Alicia Maciel
    Alicia Maciel
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  3. Vivi Ramirez
    Vivi Ramirez
    Pred hodinou

    Jikook is my weakness?

  4. Tia Maria
    Tia Maria
    Pred 2 hodinami

    Jikook dançando juntos ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Charmaine Joy Firma
    Charmaine Joy Firma
    Pred 2 hodinami

    Okkkkkk! I love you both!

  6. Grecia Armenta
    Grecia Armenta
    Pred 2 hodinami

    Jimin sexy

  7. 이아미
    Pred 2 hodinami

    이ㅏ게 끊기는게 정국옵은 뚝뚝이라면 지민옵은 톡톡 이러는거같음..뭔가 지민옵은 부드럽게 하고 정국옵은부드럽게 힘줘서 뚝뚝하는거같음..아무튼 둘이 다름 둘다 멋있음 결론:둘다 잘춤

  8. Jairish Selle
    Jairish Selle
    Pred 3 hodinami

    I love jungkook's shoes can you give me that my birthday gift. 😂💜 Joke.

  9. Tín Nguyễn
    Tín Nguyễn
    Pred 3 hodinami

    Link music

  10. ThisisnotIT
    Pred 5 hodinami

    WAIT why is no one talking about JHOPE’S singing IK U GUYS HEAR THAT

  11. Eva Lingaya
    Eva Lingaya
    Pred 5 hodinami


  12. Daisy Bhe Marco
    Daisy Bhe Marco
    Pred 7 hodinami

    V: Fighting

  13. Sheela Chaudhary
    Sheela Chaudhary
    Pred 9 hodinami

    This is stil iconic

  14. Sheela Chaudhary
    Sheela Chaudhary
    Pred 9 hodinami

    Namjoon is lost in his world

  15. Mami Bozoglu
    Mami Bozoglu
    Pred 10 hodinami


  16. Tanaya Singh
    Tanaya Singh
    Pred 13 hodinami

    I pity on those armys who don't know that this exists

  17. Lady Dinne
    Lady Dinne
    Pred 14 hodinami

    Name song, plisss??

  18. PAN DU
    PAN DU
    Pred 18 hodinami

    Jimin and jungkook are dancing to sexy 🤣😂😂🤣😂🙈🙈🙊🙊🤭🤭🤦🏻🤦🏻🤪

  19. Valeria Mahecha
    Valeria Mahecha
    Pred 22 hodinami

    Bailan más sexy que yo cuando lo intento lol

  20. ᴘᴀʀxᴄsᴍ_ ғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴs シ
    ᴘᴀʀxᴄsᴍ_ ғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴs シ
    Pred dňom

    Rm's vibe at the back though 🤣

  21. Fatima Fares
    Fatima Fares
    Pred dňom


  22. Natasha YSHAN
    Natasha YSHAN
    Pred dňom

    the hyungs + V's reaction is satisfyingb

  23. Natasha YSHAN
    Natasha YSHAN
    Pred dňom

    2:59 i can't stop laughing at baby jk

  24. Natasha YSHAN
    Natasha YSHAN
    Pred dňom

    When you watch this plenty of times but still suprise how jungkook turn his stripper mode on

  25. Aly alejandra Gonzalez estevane
    Aly alejandra Gonzalez estevane
    Pred dňom


  26. Oumaima BTS
    Oumaima BTS
    Pred dňom

    I can't stop watching bts 😭💜

  27. Jenn: A Whitecloud
    Jenn: A Whitecloud
    Pred dňom

    i mean I still think this is the sexiest dance of all.

  28. Мадина Ошанова
    Мадина Ошанова
    Pred dňom

    Track please 😉😍😍😍😍😛

  29. Nora Nason
    Nora Nason
    Pred dňom

    I may or may not be obsessed with this video

  30. min yoon gi kim seok jin
    min yoon gi kim seok jin
    Pred dňom


  31. Aisha Bhatt
    Aisha Bhatt
    Pred dňom

    1st performance cute ,2nd awesome nd the word is hot and sexy😍😍😍

  32. whipped like the two guys from Malta
    whipped like the two guys from Malta
    Pred dňom

    3:58 *yes sir*

  33. whipped like the two guys from Malta
    whipped like the two guys from Malta
    Pred dňom

    I want 'my time' jk and 'filter' jimin re performing this

  34. ilknur bozdoğan
    ilknur bozdoğan
    Pred dňom

    Aklıma geldi hemen bir koşu geldim. Izlemesi cok keyifli.

  35. Luxxl Luxxl
    Luxxl Luxxl
    Pred dňom

    I love Army just alone for their comments. hahaha

  36. Lucía Ugarte
    Lucía Ugarte
    Pred dňom

    Amo aquí 💜💜

  37. Tsion army
    Tsion army
    Pred dňom

    When its 2021 but you're still not over this jikook:

  38. ALittleG
    Pred dňom

    Jimin hyung is sexy so much

  39. Милена Амичба
    Милена Амичба
    Pred dňom

    Кто тоже из тик тока?🤣

  40. BB Tessie
    BB Tessie
    Pred dňom


  41. Asmathul Anudha
    Asmathul Anudha
    Pred dňom

    2021 who watching this vedio

  42. MARVORID Krasikov
    MARVORID Krasikov
    Pred dňom


  43. raghad daif
    raghad daif
    Pred dňom

    0:04 the”din din din din” is hilarious 😂💜

  44. Aira Kate Salih
    Aira Kate Salih
    Pred dňom


  45. juhee yu
    juhee yu
    Pred dňom

    Jungkook is the best dancer 💜

  46. Kyra Johnson
    Kyra Johnson
    Pred 2 dňami

    I know the full dance my family challenged me to learn all there dances so I learned this one btw I’m 14

  47. ze zei
    ze zei
    Pred 2 dňami

    iconic 🤣

  48. Any gana
    Any gana
    Pred 2 dňami

    Quien es de pantalon bluyin y camisa blanca y sombrero se ve muy bien

      Pred 4 hodinami

      @Any gana jung kook

    2. Any gana
      Any gana
      Pred 12 hodinami

      @ARMY LUVITY STAY 1:05 muy guapo.

      Pred dňom

      Que minuto?

  49. Sashka Saintil
    Sashka Saintil
    Pred 2 dňami

    2:50 the fun begins! 😂 3:56✨

  50. Zuleyme Hernández
    Zuleyme Hernández
    Pred 2 dňami

    how cute they look they are so cute hehe

  51. Lucel Labine
    Lucel Labine
    Pred 2 dňami

    jhope in the background be like:papapapapapapapaappp

  52. Weiran Dong
    Weiran Dong
    Pred 2 dňami

    anyone watching in 2021😂

  53. Sherhana Arula
    Sherhana Arula
    Pred 2 dňami


  54. Rosamaria Escamilla
    Rosamaria Escamilla
    Pred 2 dňami

    Even they achieve a Grammy but this is the best choreography ever so sexy love BTS figthing They should get a award for their choreography dances they deserve it they work so great but I fell in love with 2 dancers are the very best.

  55. Jomarie Amarante
    Jomarie Amarante
    Pred 2 dňami


    Pred 2 dňami

    Wow 😳 me quede sin palabras saben bailar tan bien quisiera yo bailar como ellos jimin se ve muy tímido pero jungkook dándole todo 👌😎

  57. Pushpalata Devi
    Pushpalata Devi
    Pred 2 dňami

    Jungkook and Jimin's dance. I like so much. 💜💜😍😍

  58. ᴘᴀʀxᴄsᴍ_ ғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴs シ
    ᴘᴀʀxᴄsᴍ_ ғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴs シ
    Pred 2 dňami

    Fun fact Jimin looks taller than Jungkook here🤓

  59. Sevendeadlysins
    Pred 2 dňami

    J hope silent ✨𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑦 𝑑𝑎𝑎𝑦𝑦𝑦𝑦✨

  60. Just xx.Aesthetics
    Just xx.Aesthetics
    Pred 2 dňami

    2:01 Rm at back lmao

  61. Poonam R
    Poonam R
    Pred 2 dňami

    Here Jungkook being literally hot and sexy🔥 Jimin being cute and handsome 😍 💜

  62. Nina Fictions
    Nina Fictions
    Pred 2 dňami

    Its already 4 yrs ago but im still watching it😂

  63. Kandrakota Keerthana
    Kandrakota Keerthana
    Pred 3 dňami

    For which program was this dance for??

  64. Marilandia Almeida
    Marilandia Almeida
    Pred 3 dňami

    Perfeito dançando 👍💯muito bom de mais 👍👍🔟🔟❤😘❤😘👍👍

    Pred 3 dňami

    Meu deus Jikook forever Assinado: Jikooka iludida forever

  66. Fean Marie
    Fean Marie
    Pred 3 dňami

    I don't get tired of this video. LOVE IT..

  67. bonnie
    Pred 3 dňami

    I think we can all agree jk was feeling tf out of himself

  68. John john Rustia
    John john Rustia
    Pred 3 dňami

    I Love jimin💙💙💙

  69. Tabu Rayaan
    Tabu Rayaan
    Pred 3 dňami

    Super cooooooooooool and maindbluing dance jimin juankook 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  70. ɑ̈ ɹɹ̈̇ɹĝɹɹ̈̇
    ɑ̈ ɹɹ̈̇ɹĝɹɹ̈̇
    Pred 3 dňami

    *شسمه باي♡*

  71. ɑ̈ ɹɹ̈̇ɹĝɹɹ̈̇
    ɑ̈ ɹɹ̈̇ɹĝɹɹ̈̇
    Pred 3 dňami


  72. ɑ̈ ɹɹ̈̇ɹĝɹɹ̈̇
    ɑ̈ ɹɹ̈̇ɹĝɹɹ̈̇
    Pred 3 dňami

    *شـسمه ذي رقصه لـ بلـوغ السـن😾💗!!* *-شيبـر فيسـبوك فلوب وتباً لمن اعتـرض-*

  73. Vanessa LA
    Vanessa LA
    Pred 3 dňami

    ¿Alguien en 2021 recordando esta joyita?

  74. Safino_artsh channel
    Safino_artsh channel
    Pred 3 dňami

    Y'all hobis vocalssssssssss

  75. SeLyyna
    Pred 3 dňami

    Jungkook lookin like a latino snaaack💗🔥

  76. Mosin Mosin
    Mosin Mosin
    Pred 3 dňami

    Indian army watching in 2020 be like : hmmm there is bala style and mithun da style too.😆😆😃😃

  77. Anushree Bhattacharyya
    Anushree Bhattacharyya
    Pred 3 dňami

    5:49... Yoongi: *smirks* *getting dirty thoughts about Jimin* Tae: *whipped* *looking at Jk* They see only their men...

  78. Dami bn_2020
    Dami bn_2020
    Pred 3 dňami

    Can't take my eyes on you jiminnie 😘💜😅

  79. Jeon jungkook
    Jeon jungkook
    Pred 3 dňami

    jimin:im shy supper shy

  80. Junior Sr
    Junior Sr
    Pred 3 dňami

    3:57 So The Iconic 'BALA' Move of Akshay Kumar came from here

  81. Elena Belyaeva
    Elena Belyaeva
    Pred 3 dňami

    With love from Russia 12 January 2021 = 28 792 449 просмотров

  82. ahsan himu
    ahsan himu
    Pred 3 dňami

    Jungkook dance is soooo cute 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘❤️❤️

  83. only_one
    Pred 3 dňami


  84. 밍융기
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  85. 밍융기
    Pred 3 dňami


    1. 밍융기
      Pred 3 dňami


    2. 밍융기
      Pred 3 dňami


  86. sakura paras
    sakura paras
    Pred 3 dňami

    2021 still watching this

  87. Dipshikha Das
    Dipshikha Das
    Pred 3 dňami

    I love JK's hair, I need that... Me: *Bald*

  88. 나는ᴊ_ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ_ʜᴏᴘᴇ
    Pred 3 dňami

    Me : **having my 40 minute Math class** Also Me : **Practicing this dance during class**

  89. Sorita Pequita
    Sorita Pequita
    Pred 4 dňami

    Jungkook: Pura perfección Jimin: Como quieran soy sexy 😆 (su sonrisa me mata 😍)

  90. Vanessa Flores
    Vanessa Flores
    Pred 4 dňami

    Quienes están cantando jaja El pasote de Jimin y Kookie hasta el piso Ozi ozi ozi

  91. Kelli K
    Kelli K
    Pred 4 dňami

    Not even giving it 100% and it’s still amazing🤩

  92. Tilly Maie
    Tilly Maie
    Pred 4 dňami

    jungkook is 19 here........ let that sink in

  93. Litza Guerrero
    Litza Guerrero
    Pred 4 dňami


  94. محمد كريم
    محمد كريم
    Pred 4 dňami

    تقخق تعب هع قمع

  95. 발걸음.
    Pred 4 dňami

    지민 💚 지민 ❤ 지민 💛 지민 💜 지민 💚 지민 ❤ 지민 💛 지민 💜 지민 💚 지민 ❤ 지민 💛 지민 💜

  96. Kim Joonie
    Kim Joonie
    Pred 4 dňami

    fun fact: this is not your first time here

  97. shubhangi suryawanshi
    shubhangi suryawanshi
    Pred 4 dňami

    J hope papapapa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  98. BTS Army
    BTS Army
    Pred 4 dňami

    اسم الاغنيه 😂💞

    1. 『ʜᴜɴɴʏ ʙᴜɴɴʏ』
      『ʜᴜɴɴʏ ʙᴜɴɴʏ』
      Pred 3 dňami

      The coming age of ceremony

  99. Chen li
    Chen li
    Pred 4 dňami

    It's already 2021. You still here?

  100. KÏM ÅRĪÑ
    Pred 4 dňami

    I like it very much I just want to know what is the name of the song 🥺