Winter Cab View from two of the most SCENIC RAILWAYS in the WORLD

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Q: Where is this?
This is the Train Driver's/engineers/operator/conductors view from the Bergen Line and the Famous Flåm Railway in Norway in Northern Europe. They are rated as two of the worlds most scenic railways in the world.
Q: Is this LIVE?
A: No, this stream is not true live because of LIABILITY. Imagine the legal backlash if I streamed a trespasser strike Live on SVplus. That would be a direct breach of the Community Guidelines (Violent and Graphic content) and Terms of Services. As well as the legal issues the company I work for and myself would face when viewers would take legal actions against us for being subjected to such content.
Q: Are you a Train Driver?
A: Yes, I work as a Train Driver/Engineer/operator on the Bergen Line and Flåm Railway.
Showing you the Winter Cab View from two of the most SCENIC RAILWAYS in the World - The Bergen Line and the Famous Flåm Railway in NORWAY. Usually these lines are known for their summer imagery, but they look amazing in a different way during winter.
This is a pre-recorded playlist due to liability and safety reasons. I work as a Train Driver/operator/engineer on the Bergen Line and Flåm Line, and I'm giving you a virtual train travel riding in the seat next to me in the drivers cab. ENJOY!
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The Bergen Line from Oslo to Bergen consist of:
The Drammen Line (Oslo - Drammen)
The South Line (Drammen - Hokksund)
The Randsfjord Line (Hokksund - Hønefoss)
The Bergen Line (Hønefoss - Voss)
The Voss Line (Voss - Bergen)
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The famous and scenic Flåm Line branches off the Bergen Line at Myrdal and goes down to Flåm. It's the steepest adhesion normal gauge railway in Northern Europe with a grade of 55‰ (1:18).
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