Daft Punk - Epilogue

Daft Punk
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  1. dead_crackgg
    Pred 6 minútami

    Hasta la proxima daft punk =')

  2. ploksvy
    Pred 6 minútami

    I feel like crying but i can't for some reason. Just sad

  3. Gabriella Ciacca
    Gabriella Ciacca
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  4. Cold Pizza Party
    Cold Pizza Party
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  5. Marcantonio Scaramuzza
    Marcantonio Scaramuzza
    Pred 6 minútami

    5:20 la intro più lunga nella storia di un video su SVplus ... mi aspettavo che togliessero i caschi ... geniali !

  6. Ayoub Mizene
    Ayoub Mizene
    Pred 6 minútami

    السلام عليكم ادعوا معي مريض بمرض خبيث ادعو لي كثيرا و أتمنى أن تفرحوني بإشتراك في قناتي أو شيئ من هذا القبيل شكرا كثيرااااا

  7. KISHI
    Pred 6 minútami

    nakalakihan ko na ‘to haha :) it’s a sad news but it’ll be better for them ik. legends.

  8. Tyler Mauldin
    Tyler Mauldin
    Pred 6 minútami

    What is the name of the song that starts playing at 5:06? I need to know.

  9. zeus nunez
    zeus nunez
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  10. Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano
    Pred 6 minútami

    Hold on, if love is the answer, you're home. 🥺🥺🥺

  11. dead_crackgg
    Pred 7 minútami

    Forever our hearts

  12. Sean-Tyler Curell
    Sean-Tyler Curell
    Pred 7 minútami

    I'll miss you

  13. GTIBrandon
    Pred 7 minútami

    Thank you for the Music.

  14. ciaran12
    Pred 7 minútami

    When Discovery came out I was 10, I have such fond memories of listening to Aerodynamic in my room. When you did the Alive 2007 tour, I went to see you, it was the best concert I've ever seen. You had a meaningful impact on many lives. Thank you so much.

  15. BlazeDyn Uchiha
    BlazeDyn Uchiha
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  16. Ronald Ronaldson
    Ronald Ronaldson
    Pred 8 minútami

    Блин, чуваки... Они же меня мотивировали на всякие вещи интересные

  17. key_28
    Pred 8 minútami

    Thanks for everything guys... See you on the other side

  18. AP - 09GA 792332 Applewood Heights SS
    AP - 09GA 792332 Applewood Heights SS
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  19. Joshuathegreatest7
    Pred 8 minútami

    So how much will shards of the helmet sell for on ebay?

  20. J GR
    J GR
    Pred 8 minútami

    Merci les gars

  21. KISHI
    Pred 8 minútami

    When I was a kid I used to listen to Daft Punk a lot. Every day, Daft Punk music is playing. We’ll miss you dudes. Will always be listening and dancing to your music.

  22. Piko V2
    Piko V2
    Pred 8 minútami

    Goodbye 🥲

  23. Princess Oneal
    Princess Oneal
    Pred 8 minútami

    "01:52"😂 Greetings! But it's much easier with *𝗪𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗗𝗔𝗗.𝗖𝗢𝗠* 📌 as I know

  24. Milkwater
    Pred 8 minútami

    The End of Daft Punk

  25. Edgar Tovilla
    Edgar Tovilla
    Pred 8 minútami

    it is exactly the same as one scene fron Electroma

  26. Shawn
    Pred 8 minútami

    One of the first songs I ever heard from them was one more time....the animation as a kid made my day. My life.... You’re always with us

  27. hector licinio torres arenas
    hector licinio torres arenas
    Pred 9 minútami

    Que triste inicio de año y en el mes del amor y la amistad!!

  28. Caitríona Ní Chadhain
    Caitríona Ní Chadhain
    Pred 9 minútami

    Does anyone else feel like there may be a Burning Man reference behind this video? Daft Punk secret gig at the fence!?

  29. Hervé_nex5
    Pred 9 minútami

    Votre musique m'a fait vibrer, nous attendions tous d'autres chef d'oeuvres de votre part dans un nouvel album - nous gardons à jamais ceux que vous avez créés, merci Daft Punk ❤️

  30. Denny Breeze
    Denny Breeze
    Pred 9 minútami

    1993 - 2021

  31. Giorgio Mattieligh
    Giorgio Mattieligh
    Pred 9 minútami

    This video Is satanic. Wrong band, fans...wake up...

  32. Boba Djarin
    Boba Djarin
    Pred 9 minútami

    Life is more than just a word

  33. Sebastián Saldivar
    Sebastián Saldivar
    Pred 9 minútami

    This is gonna be a good da- * Epilogue notification * * Suicide *

  34. Gacha Slayer
    Gacha Slayer
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  35. Requim
    Pred 10 minútami

    Daft Punk's music was a phenomenon that will certainly live on in the minds and hearts of many hundreds of thousands. Truly pioneers of the EDM genre and I wish them the best in their future endeavors.

  36. Alan del Muro
    Alan del Muro
    Pred 10 minútami

    Los recordaré siempre!, que injusta la vida, duele bastante ver a tus heroes desaparecer...

  37. Hommerecorder
    Pred 10 minútami

    i like the sound of daft punk. but transhumanismus ist krank.

  38. Glendy Chamorro
    Glendy Chamorro
    Pred 10 minútami

    Those dislikes, i feel u. Keep up the vibe

  39. SeniorSwanky
    Pred 11 minútami

    "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present" -oogway

  40. Ribs
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  41. Mikel Garnica
    Mikel Garnica
    Pred 11 minútami

    Joder quiero llorar me acuerdo hace 7 años en el just dance que bailaba sus canciones :v

  42. Fernando Gomez
    Fernando Gomez
    Pred 11 minútami

    Hader faster batter stronger faster Mas fuerte mas rapido mejor mas fuerteas rapido ASTA SIEMPRE FOREVER DAFT PONK

  43. Glaciartest
    Pred 11 minútami

    Sakurai with Smash Bros. Franchise be like:

  44. Dolberg.
    Pred 12 minútami

    They did go around the world, they did get lucky, they did get harder, faster and stronger 🥺😭 They're time has come 1993-2021, they did it.

  45. Renzo Alonso Fuenzalida Correa
    Renzo Alonso Fuenzalida Correa
    Pred 12 minútami

    Gracias por todo :)

  46. KingKingst0n
    Pred 12 minútami

    sorry to see you go

  47. Tite Martinez
    Tite Martinez
    Pred 12 minútami

    ↗➡↘ ⬆🌎⬇ ↖⬅↙

  48. Just the fan of the music
    Just the fan of the music
    Pred 12 minútami

    Look what you done

  49. SaremSan
    Pred 12 minútami

    The legend is not dead, that's just like the legend of the Phoenix...

    1. Rees Rowlands
      Rees Rowlands
      Pred 8 minútami

      All ends were beginnings

  50. thedark 12
    thedark 12
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  51. Marco
    Pred 12 minútami

    No me duele, me quema me lastima :'v

  52. Miri Noa
    Miri Noa
    Pred 12 minútami

    I use to dance to their music as a toddler, and i never grew out of their unique trailblazing flavorful music.. Nobody will ever be as memorably iconic as they were.. All good things come to an end.. We should be greatful we got the chance tp witness this.. Even tho.. My heart is heavy... With all the weight of the golden memories.. They jst killed inside of me.. I love you Daft Punk.. Amourix

  53. Araujo Daisuki
    Araujo Daisuki
    Pred 12 minútami

    That's ok, we still got TWRP

  54. :v No She
    :v No She
    Pred 13 minútami

    Everybody with me please “It might not be the right time...

  55. Wiskeclaw
    Pred 13 minútami

    c'est horrible comment j'ai l'impression qu'on me retire quelque chose. Entre fantasio et ça je me retrouve de plus en plus face à la réalité: c'est le moment de grandir et de passer à autre chose.

  56. Jimz Pump
    Jimz Pump
    Pred 13 minútami


  57. Rex
    Pred 13 minútami

    Thanks 🙏.

  58. Taifun
    Pred 14 minútami

    Never has music so closely been to my heart as Daft Punks. I wiil forever remember you. It was a pleasure growing up with you, your music and art.

  59. Ahsoka Tano
    Ahsoka Tano
    Pred 14 minútami

    Goodbye, Daft Punk. 🥺 Farewell...

  60. Mentlgen Skrrr
    Mentlgen Skrrr
    Pred 14 minútami

    I like cheese -Big Smoke

  61. CoolKid895- YT
    CoolKid895- YT
    Pred 14 minútami

    Au revoir you legends...

  62. Felipe Adolfo Martínez Beltrán
    Felipe Adolfo Martínez Beltrán
    Pred 14 minútami

    19 millions of see that very aprecciate

  63. 908 The Corn
    908 The Corn
    Pred 14 minútami

    oh noe no more robotic future

    1. Ariffizi
      Pred 14 minútami


  64. Fernando Gomez
    Fernando Gomez
    Pred 15 minútami

    Un asta siempre es bastante para expresar que te damos gracias por todo los queremos con amor ASTA SIEMPRE DAFT PONK

  65. 2B
    Pred 15 minútami

    its been fun lads thank you for the legendary music and moments

  66. Samuel Restrepo Mejía
    Samuel Restrepo Mejía
    Pred 15 minútami


  67. SimplyCube
    Pred 15 minútami

    This is the only thing real men cry to.

  68. gwlsgk
    Pred 15 minútami


  69. Aquiles
    Pred 15 minútami

    Porra mano fiquei muito triste quando eu descobri...uma grande pena isso

  70. Chocolate Bunny Wabbit
    Chocolate Bunny Wabbit
    Pred 16 minútami

    This years of incredible music were truly the best of my life

  71. Fruit
    Pred 16 minútami

    remember the first verse of Get Lucky? "Like the legend of the Phoenix, all ends with beginnings," hmm..

  72. PanShio_
    Pred 16 minútami

    Take me back to 1993... They had to go as epic as they started! You will be missed!!!

  73. Fernando Gomez
    Fernando Gomez
    Pred 16 minútami

    Nos as echo muy feliz a todoa

  74. Hypixi !!!
    Hypixi !!!
    Pred 16 minútami

    Don’t cry because it’s over, cry because it happened...

  75. Fernando Gomez
    Fernando Gomez
    Pred 16 minútami

    Muchas gracias daft

  76. Maximo Ibáñez
    Maximo Ibáñez
    Pred 16 minútami

    mi papa y yo nos pasabamos escuchando daft punk y esos son recuerdos que nunca olvidare.

  77. Pixel Schromms
    Pixel Schromms
    Pred 16 minútami

    I don't really have words, i mean, you just have give me so much hours of joy cuz your songs make me happy through rough times in my life. You are my heroes, just wish you the best and have a great life, thanks for all.

  78. Moon Walking Matthew
    Moon Walking Matthew
    Pred 16 minútami


  79. InternetsRuinedMe
    Pred 16 minútami

    “No legend, no matter how great, fades with time”.

  80. Denny Breeze
    Denny Breeze
    Pred 16 minútami

    Im not crying... you are crying...

  81. Aleatory Channel
    Aleatory Channel
    Pred 16 minútami


  82. Nicolas Grisetti
    Nicolas Grisetti
    Pred 16 minútami

    We will miss u a lot thank you for everything, ci mancherete tantissimo grazie per tutto. Ciao from italy. legends👑❤

  83. Austen B.Vloggin
    Austen B.Vloggin
    Pred 16 minútami

    Press F to pay your respects ladies and gents F

  84. Mrpuffpuff
    Pred 17 minútami

    Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” They will always go around the world in our hearts

  85. Samuele Derosas
    Samuele Derosas
    Pred 17 minútami


  86. XCG Twister
    XCG Twister
    Pred 17 minútami

    thanks for all the many great years of music you have brought to us

  87. Sʇǝɟɐu Anđelić
    Sʇǝɟɐu Anđelić
    Pred 17 minútami

    apolgy for bad english where were u wen Daft Punk die i was at house eating dorito when phone ring "Daft Punk is kil" "no"

  88. randomtube
    Pred 18 minútami

    "Non essere triste perchè è finita, sii felice che sia successo". Grazie di cuore Daft Punk.

  89. skeaneable
    Pred 18 minútami

    RIP to the greatest duo

  90. Pryme 3.O
    Pryme 3.O
    Pred 18 minútami

    Now, and forever.....Thank you, Daft Punk.❤

  91. Sans Prime
    Sans Prime
    Pred 18 minútami

    Ну вот и распалась одна из моих любимых групп, грустно настолько что даже сказать нечего. Спасибо за офигенную музыку, мы будем помнить о вас

  92. bigpoint .skateco
    bigpoint .skateco
    Pred 18 minútami

    PPlease no say sike rn

  93. Federico Martini
    Federico Martini
    Pred 18 minútami

    Fuct: sei qui per marco merrino

  94. FREEDYkruzo00 MLG
    FREEDYkruzo00 MLG
    Pred 18 minútami

    So that's why there are a bunch of memes about daft punk, I just thought that ppl were remembering the good ol days of daft punk, but yea I can see why they are being talked about more

  95. Haszasin Haszu
    Haszasin Haszu
    Pred 18 minútami

    bla bla i love

  96. Oobley
    Pred 18 minútami

    I’m honored to have been able to grow up listening to your music, I’m sure that future generations will wish they could be here to see it. Thank you for everything. Goodbye Daft Punk

  97. Yvon NGASSAM
    Yvon NGASSAM
    Pred 19 minútami

    Thank you!

  98. K C
    K C
    Pred 19 minútami

    Wow what a pretentious video

  99. Jimmy Zelaya
    Jimmy Zelaya
    Pred 19 minútami

    Porque los mejores siempre se tienen que ir que injusta es la vida 😞

  100. Victorillo 377
    Victorillo 377
    Pred 20 minútami