Can Nio Become The Tesla Of China?

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Nio may not be a recognizable name in the US, but it is becoming a leading player in China's EV market. Despite a brush with death at the start of 2020, it has managed to turn things around and become one of the world's most valuable automakers. Does Nio have what it takes to stay on top?
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Can Nio Become The Tesla Of China?


  1. G
    Pred hodinou

    It a rhetorical question, when it involve China. It like asking is "Huawei the Apple of China?" We all know by now how much China's willingness not to allow Huawei to fail when they invest so much into it.

  2. Kunsh Gureja
    Kunsh Gureja
    Pred 6 hodinami

    Well Tesla is the Tesla of China 😂

  3. Antoinette Eisenhower
    Antoinette Eisenhower
    Pred 10 hodinami

    Nio is a nice looking car but I don’t like that u have to keep changing your battery and it’s very expensive.

  4. Donald Jackson
    Donald Jackson
    Pred dňom

    Why don’t they develop a backup reserve battery for emergency use ??? and just flip a switch over to get you to a charging station.

  5. Jay Kahekili
    Jay Kahekili
    Pred dňom

    buy WKHS. "it's the only company making EV's, now." sell CCIV & NIO

    1. G Money716
      G Money716
      Pred 16 hodinami

      “Comedy” wasn’t everybody waiting on workhorse to get the ups contract and it didn’t happen? Workhorse will not come close to being what Nio is going to become

  6. Monnie Bunce
    Monnie Bunce
    Pred dňom

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  7. Phil UP6903
    Phil UP6903
    Pred dňom

    Still too expensive for changing the world to go EV. Need to get to under $35K heck, they are just glorified golf carts

  8. Grrr
    Pred dňom

    I never liked Tesla cars, the colors they use are ordinary. I don't think Elon Musk is a Steve Jobs, a man with good taste who knows art, I see him more as a gamer. I think Nio has much better taste in the design of his products than tesla.

  9. Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler
    Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler
    Pred dňom

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  10. Bawor Bruno
    Bawor Bruno
    Pred 2 dňami

    Why not ?. China has succesfully sent a space rocket to the Moon and back. Another one to Mars is - on going. How hard it is to produce a better Tesla car ?

  11. Daniel Fouladi
    Daniel Fouladi
    Pred 2 dňami


  12. Vo Viet Huong
    Vo Viet Huong
    Pred 3 dňami

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  13. Laboom
    Pred 3 dňami

    Keep dreaming.

  14. Vo Viet Huong
    Vo Viet Huong
    Pred 3 dňami

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  15. Ravi M
    Ravi M
    Pred 4 dňami


  16. Wayne Bateman
    Wayne Bateman
    Pred 4 dňami

    Not enough electricity for all of these electric vehicles coming

  17. Pankaj Doharey
    Pankaj Doharey
    Pred 4 dňami

    Why is everyone trying to become Tesla ? Why cant they become themselves in this case Nio. But Nio has good strategy.

  18. John Monk
    John Monk
    Pred 4 dňami

    Nio will always be called "made in china" and everyone knows what that comment means everytime it's uttered. China has never shed its image as "communist", "thief", "no human rights", "no transparency", "spying", " dictatorship", "power hungry", "hostile" and the list goes on and on and on. China is the only place in the world where billionaires simply disappear, just because they spoke out against the govt or that despot xi jinping. Nio will never ever come even close to comparing with tesla, in the same way as vivo, xiaomi, huawei will never ever compare with apple. Ever. Not unless china or xi or whoever comes into power become the chinese gorbachev and starts radically reforming the govt, its policies and its tattered image in the eyes of the world.

    1. John Monk
      John Monk
      Pred dňom

      @Douglas Young thank you for commenting!

    2. Douglas Young
      Douglas Young
      Pred dňom

      Naive comment.

  19. Wolf Of WallStreet
    Wolf Of WallStreet
    Pred 4 dňami

    Yes Nio is can become Tesla in the near future. I have shared my research in one of my videos, donot forget to watch and share your reviews.

  20. Tim Montague, Solar Expert, EV Owner
    Tim Montague, Solar Expert, EV Owner
    Pred 4 dňami

    Nice intro to Nio

  21. American living in China
    American living in China
    Pred 5 dňami

    Looks the full inside review of NIO

  22. Adolfo
    Pred 5 dňami

    They already have beaten Tesla, they’re backed by China who makes the batteries these electric cars need. The moment Tesla gets in the lead China will pull them back.

    1. TheGiantBunnysaid
      Pred 2 dňami

      Tesla has the brand recognition that Nio hasn't shown yet; look at consumer spending in the luxury sectors. While investors may be immune to such bias, I think people should caution just how powerful brand power can be. Don't get me wrong, I think they will definitely have tremendous growth for the simple reason you have laid out. They will definitely eat into that market for EVs but I'm not sure if Chinese regulations will actually pull Tesla back.

  23. Ba Tam
    Ba Tam
    Pred 5 dňami

    Nino nice 100 shares

  24. Peripheral Vision
    Peripheral Vision
    Pred 5 dňami

    Bought at $17. I have 100 hundred shares. Holding till it hit 2k a share.

  25. Richie Rich
    Richie Rich
    Pred 5 dňami

    Don't go for NIO it's a Trap. Think, the company Rivian is more likely to be one of the best electric cars. it took Rivian years to get their. Then comes NIO overnight and that is the company to buy, it don't make sense. If you buy, your feeding in to the news media and China propaganda promoting a fake ccp narrative. Just look at what's going on, China government is Criticizing a company like tesla 🤔 "now, how convenient" that's been in Existence for more then 10 years, and NIO is going to be better. 😕 It's your prerogative. I urge you to investigate.

  26. Lightning Bolt21
    Lightning Bolt21
    Pred 6 dňami

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    1. Ramon Blevins
      Ramon Blevins
      Pred 6 dňami

      she understands Crypto trends more than a pro

  27. Charito Alcantara
    Charito Alcantara
    Pred 6 dňami

    who cares about this car Nio, piece of garbage from China, only the chinese people will ride on this car.

  28. Vo Viet Huong
    Vo Viet Huong
    Pred 6 dňami

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  29. Pen Steph Official Channel
    Pen Steph Official Channel
    Pred 7 dňami

    China always copied idea to America😅

  30. midnight4109
    Pred 7 dňami

    NIO doesn't use the same business model as Tesla. It is going to be quite a while before NIO expands into the U.S. They are expected to tackle Europe one country at a time first. They are moving slowly and have a long way to go due to their expensive business model based on customer service and quality of life, not to mention the pandemic which has effected everyone. The biggest thing they have in common with Tesla is that both companies make EVs exclusively. The companies are heading in different directions.

  31. Gou Turbo
    Gou Turbo
    Pred 7 dňami

    有我一台辆NIO ES6

  32. nicolaie sorin
    nicolaie sorin
    Pred 8 dňami

    quality made in china hahahha.

  33. jayjyoti sarma
    jayjyoti sarma
    Pred 8 dňami

    TATA company subsidiary JLR UK will expand Eeltric Vehicles globally more attractive and effective .... Announced recently Company 🙏🙏

  34. Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia
    Pred 8 dňami

    Yes if they still all the technology. Autocrats have no imagination. They are copy cat and will never progress in tech areas. The heck with the Chinese.

  35. Kolev Steel
    Kolev Steel
    Pred 8 dňami

    NIO is the tesla of China,

  36. really reasso
    really reasso
    Pred 9 dňami

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  37. ZY Wang
    ZY Wang
    Pred 9 dňami

    edison talks like a serial killer

  38. zed Bou
    zed Bou
    Pred 9 dňami

    I hope you all enjoy your bit of money at the expense of humanity by supporting and sick and twisted regime. Remember, you helped make CCP happen.

  39. Max47340
    Pred 9 dňami

    In a blind test, significantly more people picked the looks and performance of NIO over Tesla, that says it all.

  40. ray bp
    ray bp
    Pred 9 dňami

    Lool NIO house. Sounds like the Magnesis house from that Fyre fest fraud guy

  41. Darius porter
    Darius porter
    Pred 9 dňami

    The bizarre ghana intracellularly wonder because lisa primarily hum among a quarrelsome rifle. holistic, waggish roast

  42. go ld
    go ld
    Pred 10 dňami


  43. Duke Wellington
    Duke Wellington
    Pred 10 dňami

    NIO "turned it around" thanks to a MASSIVE cash injection from the chinese government

    1. Donna Whitley
      Donna Whitley
      Pred 8 dňami

      yes, as with 99% of failing companies, etc Virgin or AA

  44. na ar
    na ar
    Pred 10 dňami

    Kung Flu Car....😠

    Pred 11 dňami

    China i order you! Take over the world with cheap ev!😂

  46. savagekhalil
    Pred 11 dňami

    Thanks WSB

  47. S Quantum
    S Quantum
    Pred 11 dňami

    I'm Chinese, I know they can't...

    1. Donna Whitley
      Donna Whitley
      Pred 8 dňami

      they can lol, theyre very good

  48. leon worth
    leon worth
    Pred 12 dňami

    I'm thinking about buying NIO at market price what do u guys think??

  49. Pauline Rodriguez-Estrada
    Pauline Rodriguez-Estrada
    Pred 12 dňami

    My investment manager advised me to go for a Share with Telsa . my first purchase was $230 890 shares then. Holding 6540 Shares. All thanks to Mrs Ziemer for the Tutoring. Telsa The Future

  50. supermash1
    Pred 13 dňami

    I would never even consider buying a Chinese car. Never.

  51. Chloe Jay
    Chloe Jay
    Pred 13 dňami

    Made in china

  52. Logical Fallacy Detector
    Logical Fallacy Detector
    Pred 13 dňami

    I have my 3 little shares of NIO 🤗😂 I’ll buy more paycheck to paycheck 🤑

  53. My Stock Market Picks
    My Stock Market Picks
    Pred 13 dňami

    tesla will go to 10,000

  54. Blue ZenCat
    Blue ZenCat
    Pred 13 dňami

    a surreal and scary video

  55. Sparks Keys
    Sparks Keys
    Pred 14 dňami

    Hyundai Kona rip off.

    1. Sparks Keys
      Sparks Keys
      Pred 8 dňami

      @Donna Whitley 2017 june?

    2. Donna Whitley
      Donna Whitley
      Pred 8 dňami

      They introduced the car before the kona

  56. CSFY NA Branch
    CSFY NA Branch
    Pred 14 dňami

    There are at least 10 fking NIO ES8 in my neighborhood in Wuhan. I can see 5 of them right out of my door.

  57. sunshine sun
    sunshine sun
    Pred 14 dňami

    Wow...... US impose 27% Tariffs on EV cars ? To Protect a SUPER Profitable TESLA ? Maybe CHINA should do the same for TESLA . Fair Is it NOT ?

  58. Russell Gillick
    Russell Gillick
    Pred 16 dňami

    It doesn't matter how many cars run on electricity, there is WAY too many people on the planet. We are doomed to a massive environmental collapse.

  59. Inthe Far-queue
    Inthe Far-queue
    Pred 16 dňami

    Who is going to buy it?

  60. Tranquility TenThousand
    Tranquility TenThousand
    Pred 16 dňami

    It would be a mediocre company unless it has a commercial solid state battery in its EV. Any company that has this leading edge technology & launch it commercially would be the market leader.

  61. Harry Huang
    Harry Huang
    Pred 18 dňami

    Love your videos guys. I genuinely think chinese car brands are the dark horse of the world. This thing looks incredible. Strange how the world has almost no knowledge and recognition of these amazingly futuristic cars! I've never seen such cool lights in a car before. I if you sold these in the west they would break the car market

  62. Milad._.i7
    Pred 18 dňami

    I believe so because china society is kinda isolated remember when communists ussr made all cars kinda the same yeah china is communist meaning it could decide not to let any tesla in china

    1. ????????
      Pred 16 dňami

      Tesla already build gigafactory in shanghai and 30℅ of tesla sales are come from china

  63. Darkwear GT
    Darkwear GT
    Pred 19 dňami

    They cheat like game stocks

  64. RTFM
    Pred 19 dňami

    no, but BYD already is

  65. Corey
    Pred 19 dňami

    china is not gonna allow nio to fail they want to dominate the world in every aspect

  66. Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard
    Pred 21 dňom

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  67. The HunterX
    The HunterX
    Pred 21 dňom

    Dont get too close man, your scaring me lol

  68. Nikkei2259
    Pred 21 dňom

    Ummm made totally in china, for sure its not gonna last long , look at all the products the make . Looks attractive and cheap but, geee ... piece of garbage.. dont you know that, China dont have R n D( research and development) what they are good at is copy and develop. 😁😁😁

  69. RedAlfa
    Pred 21 dňom

    yet gonna invest 1000$ in NIO, when the Chinese government step up and Bail NIO they want NIO to succeed,National pride.

    Pred 21 dňom

    Is the logo copied from Citroën..... 😂 😂 😂

  71. Hannes Walter
    Hannes Walter
    Pred 21 dňom

    I do think Nio will reach at least 100€ end of year. Maybe it has much higher potential than people think..

  72. Bryan Herrera
    Bryan Herrera
    Pred 22 dňami

    Nio is looking good

  73. Shinu V
    Shinu V
    Pred 22 dňami

    They should not have let TESLA in china, so now NIO cannot be the TESLA of

  74. Bobby
    Pred 22 dňami

    Who the hell wants an AI assistant in the way of their windscreen? Terrible.

  75. Sanjoy Das
    Sanjoy Das
    Pred 22 dňami

    Paid journalism

  76. Paladin Donnie
    Paladin Donnie
    Pred 22 dňami

    Probably fake data - everything in china is fake! This company sounds like another Luckin Coffee. The chinese needs to pay for unleashing the wuhan virus!

  77. HeyDale !
    HeyDale !
    Pred 23 dňami

    So this NIO ? =D

  78. Master Chrono
    Master Chrono
    Pred 23 dňami

    currently holding 500,000 shares. Can't wait to become jeff bezos myself.

  79. Farasat hussain Hussian
    Farasat hussain Hussian
    Pred 24 dňami

    NIo would be the Tesla of china

  80. Scotty N
    Scotty N
    Pred 24 dňami

    Is this a buy at $56? From what I've read it's a hold for now, interesting company nonetheless. What about zero emissions fuel or hydrogen fuel cells?

  81. Aung Thant
    Aung Thant
    Pred 24 dňami

    As an ordinary citizen of Myanmar I do not want US to make sanctions on Myanmar. But US must put his pressure on the military to let go its authoritarian practice. The sanctions will only make us more poor and difficult situations. While no effect on the top brass, their families, affiliates and cronies. We have already suffered a lot many years ago. China is waiting for this opportunity. China will benefit from this. I am very sorry for what happened few days ago. We ordinary people loss our hope.

  82. Alif ameen
    Alif ameen
    Pred 24 dňami


  83. Bob Owen
    Bob Owen
    Pred 24 dňami

    Don't pump this stock. NIO can't make it without lots of help from Chinese govt. They are not the next Tesla. Only Tesla competes with Tesla. This ridiculous NIO business models adds a number of unneeded steps and Is less convenient than a gas station. Can't last. You won't be changing your own battery for sure. NIO will also need many extra batteries and locations everywhere to store and charge them, plus provide the battery changing service. Nio must get expensive extra batteries so their customers can rent them instead of paying upfront like everyone else when the industry is leaving battery packs.Then NIO will be stuck with or recycling the old 260 mpc batteries in a few years as the industry switches to cheaper, longer range batteries. People won't need to pay $100+ a month for 6 swaps if the competition offers a charging convenient system for apartment dwellers that takes 20 minutes. No charging station is as convenient or cheap as charging at home.

  84. Kito L
    Kito L
    Pred 24 dňami

    Thanks for an interesting video. Personally, I like NIO evs, the design is epic. Also for those who are looking for EV equipment I can recommend one website I found a few weeks ago, they have lots of options and the prices are adequate. It's this website- , maybe someone knows other websites that sell good quality products?

  85. WWE Wrestling Fun
    WWE Wrestling Fun
    Pred 25 dňami

    Wow I like it I just put some cash there

  86. Frodo Teabaggings
    Frodo Teabaggings
    Pred 25 dňami

    "The Tesla of China". People really need to rethink when they compare Tesla with any other auto maker.

  87. dinesh amara
    dinesh amara
    Pred 25 dňami

    NIO is a waste chinese cheap.product

  88. Austin Kuipers
    Austin Kuipers
    Pred 25 dňami

    Did they ask Toyota for permission to start making rav4s?

  89. Fr0zenKaos
    Pred 25 dňami

    I think China need to treat Tesla the way trump treated Huawei

  90. Michael R. Wright
    Michael R. Wright
    Pred 26 dňami

    NIO is not the TESLA of China. Nio is of China.

  91. Steven H.
    Steven H.
    Pred 26 dňami


  92. Nishant Patar
    Nishant Patar
    Pred 26 dňami

    CHINA : I HAVE MONEY, BABY !! CNBC: Here is yours videos.

    1. Someone Youknow
      Someone Youknow
      Pred 25 dňami

      China: Success. Indian: Jealous.

  93. PizzaPowa
    Pred 26 dňami

    wtf is that a copy of citroen???? even the logo is similar... i guess thats china for you

    1. PizzaPowa
      Pred 24 dňami

      @Johnny K im talking about the design... and yes they do electric cars

    2. Johnny K
      Johnny K
      Pred 25 dňami

      wtf does citroen do electric cars??

  94. Oliver Mark
    Oliver Mark
    Pred 27 dňami

    chinese faking Teslas fantasy and momentum without delivering anything. Very interesting story. But not as a car factory. There will be nothing left in the end. So much dumb money in the market.

  95. RD4590
    Pred 27 dňami

    NIO, BYD, Lynk & Co, Roewe, Xiaopeng, Guangqi Alon, Wulin And you only know a NIO. Thanks, FCC.

  96. GunsN ́Boses
    GunsN ́Boses
    Pred 28 dňami

    I honestly refuse to buy anything made in China for their Uighur persecution. Nio is just another communist China state run company, all profits go into surveillance technology for spying on their own citizens and take away their human rights just like they did with the Uighurs. A richer China just means more dead Americans as China is threatening everyone from Taiwan to Japan to Australia.

  97. String Bean
    String Bean
    Pred 28 dňami

    Chinese NBC

  98. Julie tao
    Julie tao
    Pred 28 dňami

    It’s hard because there are a few EV makers already in China, each has its own strength. It’s hard for one to dominant the huge Chinese market.

  99. Lordcool
    Pred 28 dňami

    I would never pick a Chinese crappy car over a BMW let alone Porsche

  100. 鄧Deng
    Pred 28 dňami

    only BYD can do it