Diablo 15th Anniversary Soundtrack (Full)

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Composer: Matt Uelmen
0:00 Diablo Intro
1:45 Tristram
9:29 Dungeon
13:54 Catacombs
19:45 Caves
24:44 Hell
28:54 Ancients
30:43 Fortress
35:35 Ice Caves
40:16 Siege
47:06 Maggot
49:31 Harem
53:18 Temple
57:53 Sewer
1:01:52 Docks
1:04:02 Halls
1:07:35 Kurast


  1. CPA Produções
    CPA Produções
    Pred 3 dňami

    The music style from loop 16:01 reminds the time of satanic trinity.

  2. Brendan R
    Brendan R
    Pred 10 dňami

    Thank you for not putting ads on work you did not create like others who have uploaded this.

  3. Jordan Rose
    Jordan Rose
    Pred 12 dňami

    Back when games had a very specific, very special feel to them, memorable for years and years afterward. I know looking back at games (and other media) with nostalgia automatically makes me biased, but you can't tell me that Diablo 3 (and 4) can and will even come close in terms of feel. Despite the hopelessness and despair in Tristram, once you heard that music after going through something crazy, you knew you were safe. And could unload any gear you found. Now with games, the focus IS the gear grind. There's little substance otherwise. Probably one of the best PC game soundtracks to date. It had a huge role in creating the ambiance of Diablo, something devs nowadays don't seem to really care about. It's all about mass appeal and pumping out the same shit over and over. Whatever sells.

  4. Vermelho Little Red
    Vermelho Little Red
    Pred 27 dňami

    😶 Ainda hoje sinto arrepios ao ouvir 👂 as músicas do jogo original de #diabloblizzard original...

  5. Novgskua Osbraxus
    Novgskua Osbraxus
    Pred mesiacom

    "Tristam" is legendary!

  6. Alex RTS
    Alex RTS
    Pred mesiacom

    Seriously, "Dungeon" is awesome!

  7. Edgar Ngo
    Edgar Ngo
    Pred mesiacom

    No Soundtrack of Diablo 2 or 3 can beat this soundtrack “Dungeon”.

  8. jag
    Pred mesiacom

    Diablo 2 was such a fantastic experience that 20 years later it is finally Remastered. I pre-order mine Feb. 20,2021

  9. schlaepferAA
    Pred mesiacom

    d2 remastered all the way... d4 is basically a better d3 , in other words trash

  10. DrakOne 2H/PP
    DrakOne 2H/PP
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    Tristram bring me tears, beautyfull childhood

  11. MuZZo
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    Smells like hell.

  12. Mancubus
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    28:01 is the best representation of hell. Ever.

  13. Soldier for Christ
    Soldier for Christ
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    Diablo I, Arcanum and Fallout II--best soundtracks of any games ever. Put thousands of hours into Diablo I and II, but when Diablo III released, after taking one look at it, not only did I not buy the game, I never played it. For me, Dark Souls is the spiritual successor and rightful heir to the Diablo throne.

  14. HyShade
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    May the spirit of Arkaine protect me.

  15. Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    Oh, this sweet smell. It is childhood.

  16. Yagmur Koc
    Yagmur Koc
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    50:17 You're coming for this moment "senpai "

  17. Andy Smart
    Andy Smart
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

  18. Maho JC
    Maho JC
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    ....I'm old.....dammit... the time for the 25th is nigh

  19. STiG
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    Best thing about this game was the dupe trick with potions 😈😈😈 and pvp

  20. Romeo Lajh
    Romeo Lajh
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    stay for 1:12:50 and listen

  21. Ninja Sushi
    Ninja Sushi
    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    Diablo 1 and 2 are master pieces. How in the hell did they fail so bad at Diablo 3? They had years of development and tons of money and still made a crap project. Then again. No David Brevick.

  22. Following the Roe
    Following the Roe
    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    16:00 currently playing Grim Dawn atm to this and this section is the player characters main theme for me

  23. ProzacPreacher
    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    Damn.....that Tristram soundtrack beginning hits the nostalgia HARD.

  24. Don Ennio Salieri
    Don Ennio Salieri
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    Why all the sound bass line is in left channel??

  25. Marcio Davidson
    Marcio Davidson
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    The Caves theme, to me, is the best.

  26. Charles Forward
    Charles Forward
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    Ice Caves beginnings has a star trek soundtrack vibes to it

  27. Viperstar
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    This were times when games felt like movies

  28. gresach
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    The feeling of coming out of the dungeon into Tristran: those guitar chords...

  29. Derek SG
    Derek SG
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    Goosebumps @29:03

  30. gkid 99
    gkid 99
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    I just recently first time binge-played all three of these games, and I can honestly say that the first one is definitely my favorite just because of the aesthetic

  31. 김정은
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    29:04 realm down.... Infinite loading...

  32. KalimaTV
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    NICE - thank you so much

  33. Scott Smith
    Scott Smith
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Wherever you go, there you are.

  34. Manikandan RM
    Manikandan RM
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Remembering my college days..nice 90's memories

  35. JAGUAR
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    In D4, when you get ready to slay lilith and you have to close in on her room...play catacombs, when you start fighting her through to the kill play dungeon.end credits hell.

  36. Hazy Shade
    Hazy Shade
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    16:02 in "catacombs" is creepy AF

  37. Kosteri x
    Kosteri x
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    45:00 46:50 never heard

  38. En_Taro_ Artanis
    En_Taro_ Artanis
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    the 90s was truly a goldmine in gaming history

  39. Steven Bragg
    Steven Bragg
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Rip and tear, unit it...oh wait, sorry wrong game.

  40. Antonio AR
    Antonio AR
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    13:54 Death 16:00 Famine 17:52 Pestilence 18:29 War

  41. тимофей михряков
    тимофей михряков
    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    Diablo 2... 20 year...

  42. Koduck Chen
    Koduck Chen
    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    Tristram....so awesome

  43. Twilleh
    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    Blizzard these days thinks every single game needs a giant orchestral movie soundtrack all the time and I hate it.

  44. Llando
    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    that soundtrack is excellent, the atmosphere is portrays is exactly diablo. Masterpiece.

  45. Satch Boogie Man
    Satch Boogie Man
    Pred 8 mesiacmi

    When I clicked this....I sensed a soul searching for answers

  46. Albert Zhang
    Albert Zhang
    Pred 8 mesiacmi

    Really that tristram recording needs to be remastered. Such a masterpiece but cramped headroom. Ugh!

  47. Tertius Bronkhorst
    Tertius Bronkhorst
    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    I can understand people are frustrated of D3 but come on overall diablo stays a awesome game let's not criticize but rather be happy D4 is on it's way and the developers are doing everything they can to keep us happy give them a break and let them do there magic I'm sure that D4 is going to be badass

  48. Smug Canadian
    Smug Canadian
    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    I really hope the Diablo 2 remastered rumor that it will be announced right away on its 20th anniversary is true.

  49. Handren
    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    Listening to the tristam soundtrack ingame doesnt do it justice, it deserves to be listened to by itself.

    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    Diablo 1 the only part which made for deep atmosphere and unforgettable time of game playing, who played in 90th will understand what i mean. Other parts just for profit and nothing more.

  51. RetroArcadeFan
    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    Love it 💀

  52. Dario Serventi
    Dario Serventi
    Pred 11 mesiacmi

    30:23 = Oh hi, John Williams! ;)

  53. SeventeenMidgets
    Pred rokom

    Diablo without Matt Uelman isnt even diablo. If they paid him a billion dollara to do D4 it wouldnt be enough. Man is a genius.

  54. JavaCuzzi
    Pred rokom

    Looking for Baal?

  55. Philipe Gustavo
    Philipe Gustavo
    Pred rokom

    1:45 And here starts the greatest game OST ever produced.

  56. MasterCeddy
    Pred rokom

    I'm listening to this soundtrack drunk...and it's even better than when I am sober. Matt Uelmen is a freaking genius. Probably top 5 video game composers of all-time.

  57. tarael86
    Pred rokom

    29:04 Nostalgia hitting me like Hell Duriel right now.

  58. Astral Pilgrim
    Astral Pilgrim
    Pred rokom

    Diablo 3 ost sucks because Matt Uelmen didn´t composed it. He composed Diablo and Diablo II, and therefore this games have deep atmosphere

  59. Triborn
    Pred rokom

    24 years ago...

  60. Grand ObZen
    Grand ObZen
    Pred rokom

    Who would of thought that blizzard reached it's creative peek in 1997? For shame. The original Diablo is still in my top 3 games ever played, hands down

  61. Justin Reed
    Justin Reed
    Pred rokom

    "i can't cast that here."

  62. Random shiat in my life
    Random shiat in my life
    Pred rokom


  63. redcodec
    Pred rokom

    Ah diablo 1.... my first time killing an actual player in a game. My innocence defiled.

  64. redcodec
    Pred rokom

    1:59 Hello there! stay a while and listen.

  65. Ilya Zakalinskiy
    Ilya Zakalinskiy
    Pred rokom


  66. wiseman79
    Pred rokom

    What can i do for you? (improved weapon please)

  67. swedisheinherjer
    Pred rokom

    Everyone is gangsta until 9:29 kicks in.

  68. Marcin Samek
    Marcin Samek
    Pred rokom


  69. xabun
    Pred rokom

    Playing Diablo 3 Season 19 and listening to this while farming the shit out of the game :D

  70. ArghCrazy
    Pred rokom

    most of this mix has been a terrible dissapointment so far. but the part at 13:40 . its never sounded that good. but that intro and tristram mix is awful.

  71. Maximus Primus
    Maximus Primus
    Pred rokom

    Matt Uelmen is a genius

  72. vanhende
    Pred rokom

    "and now I see what cannot be, shadows move where light should be..."

  73. Tearfox
    Pred rokom

    I love the Harem Soundtrack

  74. Black hole
    Black hole
    Pred rokom

    That's a good one. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

  75. BuriedFlame
    Pred rokom

    In spiritu sanctum Praedictum otium Efficio obit ut inimicus.

  76. juaniemanful
    Pred rokom

    9:41 the smell of death surrounds me

    1. Ruan Coetzee
      Ruan Coetzee
      Pred rokom

      juaniemanful ja seun dit was moer awesome!!

    2. juaniemanful
      Pred rokom

      @Ruan Coetzee ja nee seun en onthou toe ons vir mephisto gefight het was awesome

    3. Ruan Coetzee
      Ruan Coetzee
      Pred rokom

      juaniemanful ja jis dit was moer fun en so ook lut golein en frozen thundra

    4. juaniemanful
      Pred rokom

      @Ruan Coetzee ja seun dit was die goeie jare soos met die halls of the blind en knarled root en valor

    5. Ruan Coetzee
      Ruan Coetzee
      Pred rokom

      Hoe mis ek dit nou om na skool dit saam jou te speel!

  77. SIDE7
    Pred rokom

    Diablo IV

  78. DeathDfyd
    Pred rokom

    I'd give an arm and a Wirt's leg to have the music and atmosphere as good as the original Diablo game did in the eventual Diablo 4.

    1. JanJanNik
      Pred rokom

      too bad it's just a poe clone gameplay wise :/

  79. Raspberry Fury
    Raspberry Fury
    Pred rokom

    OMG this has ASMR!

  80. Shawn L
    Shawn L
    Pred rokom

    What is with the distortion on some of these tracks..?

  81. Boris
    Pred rokom

    I very much liked Diablo2, but it just wasn't the same. Music, feeling, voiceacting... just not the same for me. But God forsake calling Dibalo 3 a Diablo game. :)

  82. potaterjim
    Pred rokom

    This just showed up in my recommendations today You know blizzard, it's never too late: Wow classic was a huge success, why not diablo classic?

  83. Keenergetic
    Pred rokom

    Tristram's theme is stunning! Goosebumps...

  84. jesse gordon
    jesse gordon
    Pred rokom

    Stayed a while and listened.

  85. Cactor_
    Pred rokom

    Diablo 2 was the first game I’ve ever played when I was 6. My dad introduced it to me.

  86. BeamZappa
    Pred rokom

    The warmth of life has entered my tomb.

  87. Ramond Hunter
    Ramond Hunter
    Pred rokom

    Takes me back

  88. Valueless Dollar
    Valueless Dollar
    Pred rokom

    Diablo is back as Devilution an open sourced clone of the original Diablo with updated patches, etc.

  89. Psychopathis
    Pred rokom

    I am Akara...

  90. Richard Cunningham
    Richard Cunningham
    Pred rokom

    So siked big thumbs up Blizzy I dont think I would be who I am with out this group. Not much but still nostalgic assssssss fuuuuuuuuckkkk

  91. domingo dominguez
    domingo dominguez
    Pred rokom

    28 54 nostalgic times

  92. Motórzysta
    Pred rokom

    moo moo mooomoo moo mooo mo moo

  93. Motórzysta
    Pred rokom

    "Why did I follow him...? I don't know. Why do things happen as they do in dreams? All I know is that, when he beckoned... I had to follow him. From that moment, we traveled together, East. Always... into the East."

    1. Alexander Bunte
      Alexander Bunte
      Pred 5 mesiacmi

      RIP Marius, you foolish fool.

  94. Pavol Ridrich
    Pavol Ridrich
    Pred rokom

    Butcher was the hardest of all bosses for me

    1. JanJanNik
      Pred rokom

      until you learn that he can be trapped behind grids and doors :D

  95. Dangar
    Pred rokom


  96. tomtom34b
    Pred rokom

    Remember the cow level? You have to put 5000 gold on every place in the village and then... :-p

    1. Alexander Bunte
      Alexander Bunte
      Pred 5 mesiacmi

      Sooooo much time wasted...... “It’s a cow.”

    2. Moff Ant
      Moff Ant
      Pred rokom

      I hated the gold cap in D1.. they brought Cow Level back in D3.

  97. burbon ­
    burbon ­
    Pred rokom

    The quality is atrocious. You can literally hear the distortion...

  98. Stefan Petrovic
    Stefan Petrovic
    Pred 2 rokmi

    For some reason I always imagine myself in some kind of hardcore porn with succubi while listening to the "Caves" soundtrack, especially the part at 20:30. I will excuse myself now...

  99. Kosteri x
    Kosteri x
    Pred 2 rokmi

    Diablo is god. Oh wait...

  100. Please Do Tell
    Please Do Tell
    Pred 2 rokmi

    I remember the first time I made it to Hell Diablo 1.... oh the difficulty difference from the catacombs was crazy