Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


  1. Lilia Sandot
    Lilia Sandot
    Pred 3 sekundami

    Olivia be like: YOUR LOSS, BABE

  2. Megan
    Pred 20 sekundami

    i just think of him while listing to this lmao😐

  3. Abilene Aguilar Sanchez
    Abilene Aguilar Sanchez
    Pred 53 sekundami

    What just happened to my ear drums. Flabbergasted.

  4. Niel Sykuno
    Niel Sykuno
    Pred minútou

    This song is too expensive I need car to sing this

  5. Meleoni Tonga
    Meleoni Tonga
    Pred minútou

    Play number 5000000000001.....❤️❤️🥺

  6. Nick Restifo
    Nick Restifo
    Pred 3 minútami

    I Asked Alexa to play best songs and the first one was drivers license for once i agreed with alexa lol

  7. soft squishy suga
    soft squishy suga
    Pred 3 minútami

    I came here with doubt, but wow. This song HITS on a VERY PERSONAL LEVEL. I am very impressed.

  8. Ian Lima
    Ian Lima
    Pred 3 minútami

    Who else never dated just here feeling and vibing Olivia's experience

  9. axlyvxa
    Pred 4 minútami

    Olivia just give me the address cmon now I just wanna talk..... what street do you pass

  10. Yulii Sevtiani
    Yulii Sevtiani
    Pred 4 minútami

    I have no right to crying this song-.

  11. Rachel Binnie
    Rachel Binnie
    Pred 6 minútami

    I'm glad to know that girls are still handling breakups the same way I did 10 years ago.

  12. Lady Eapino
    Lady Eapino
    Pred 6 minútami

    Never knew she's filipina just wow

  13. Franco Dario
    Franco Dario
    Pred 7 minútami

    Todos pecamos, y estamos destituidos de la gloria de Dios, la paga del pecado es muerte, el pecado entró en el mundo por un hombre(Adán), y por el pecado la muerte, así la muerte pasó a todos los hombres, por cuanto todos pecaron, debido al pecado de Adán en el Jardín del Edén la naturaleza humana se corrompió, es decir nuestros cuerpos empezaron a tener deseos propios que van en contra de lo que Dios quiere para nuestras vidas, por eso nadie es capaz de cumplir los 10 mandamientos y como todos pecamos hemos muerto(separados de Dios) y nuestro destino es el lago de fuego. Más Dios muestra su amor para con nosotros, en que, siendo aún pecadores, Cristo murió por nosotros, dice Jesús: El que oye mi palabra, y cree al que me envió (El Padre), tiene vida eterna; y no vendrá a condenación, más ha pasado de muerte a vida. El juicio de Dios sobre la humanidad se acerca, los tiempos se están terminando y el Señor Jesus vendrá a establecer su reino con todos los que en él creyeron y guardaron los mandamientos de Dios su padre , tan cierto como que yo vivo dice el SEÑOR, toda rodilla se doblará ante mí, y toda lengua confesara a Dios, arrepiéntete de tus pecados pídele perdón a Dios por ellos, acepta a Jesús como tu Señor, guarda sus mandamientos y serás salvo..

  14. Daniela Francisco
    Daniela Francisco
    Pred 7 minútami

    Este é o comentário em português que procuravas ✋🏻

  15. Annie e
    Annie e
    Pred 7 minútami

    I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t come from Tik tok hehe

  16. Mary Alaman
    Mary Alaman
    Pred 8 minútami

    Love This song

  17. Gabrielle Lilo
    Gabrielle Lilo
    Pred 8 minútami

    i love you so much i would die to meet you in person love you so much um love your post so much im such a big fan im 10 years old love your lyric love you be strong you can do this girl where all here for you💙😭😭😭💙💙💙💙

  18. Alyssa Lail
    Alyssa Lail
    Pred 9 minútami

    Tbh I diddnt think I would like this son but know I’ve heard it I absolutely LOVE IT

  19. Arielle Rodriguez
    Arielle Rodriguez
    Pred 9 minútami

    Her singing is the worst . 🤢 Edit: and I don’t need nun of y’all opinions it’s a free country u have ur own opinion and I have mine so u could keep scrolling.. plz & ty like fr tell sumbody that cares cuz I don’t but if u feeel strongly offended from wat I said u could come say it to my face and get a good beating 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. Dylan's Family
    Dylan's Family
    Pred 9 minútami

    jxdn ruined this song for me due to his version of the song but this song (Olivia version) will always be a bop!! 😎

  21. I'm screwed lol
    I'm screwed lol
    Pred 9 minútami

    Why do I hear Ariana's "yuh"

  22. Pranati Duvvuri
    Pranati Duvvuri
    Pred 9 minútami

    bro i can see myself in ten years listening to this song in nostalgia...

  23. Josh Beal
    Josh Beal
    Pred 10 minútami

    We all think about her while listening to this song tho...

  24. Lian Sangma
    Lian Sangma
    Pred 10 minútami

    No. 1 on billboard

  25. You’re Losers
    You’re Losers
    Pred 10 minútami

    I don’t have money for therapy. Hence why I’m here 🥲

  26. kiamichee warner
    kiamichee warner
    Pred 11 minútami

    this is fire ngl

  27. Dat Terraria Boii
    Dat Terraria Boii
    Pred 11 minútami

    sHE beLIvED HE LIED 14 year old white girls:

  28. Joanna Valencia
    Joanna Valencia
    Pred 12 minútami

    KZ Tandingan has a cover of this song💕

  29. Laisa hh
    Laisa hh
    Pred 12 minútami


    Pred 12 minútami

    hard to belivee that this was only a week ago feels like a month

  31. izzy lasky
    izzy lasky
    Pred 12 minútami

    i should text her...

  32. Madelin Contreras
    Madelin Contreras
    Pred 13 minútami

    Drivers license dura 4:07 minutos, pero duele toda la vida. 💔

  33. Jacob Farewell
    Jacob Farewell
    Pred 13 minútami

    why is this an nf song but sung instead of yelled

  34. You’re Losers
    You’re Losers
    Pred 13 minútami

    I’m going to tell my kids that this is what cured coronavirus

  35. 「 clsy • vinx 」
    「 clsy • vinx 」
    Pred 14 minútami

    im that boi who listens this even tho i dont have any relationship

  36. sofia bastida
    sofia bastida
    Pred 14 minútami

    I literally can hear jungkook covering this

  37. honeyvibezz _
    honeyvibezz _
    Pred 15 minútami

    His jacket tho- 😔

    1. 「 clsy • vinx 」
      「 clsy • vinx 」
      Pred 14 minútami


  38. Shaylee Campbell
    Shaylee Campbell
    Pred 15 minútami

    Imagine being the person she broke up with and then she made this song about your relationship....😂

  39. Steve Hatcher
    Steve Hatcher
    Pred 15 minútami

    Anyone catching the Allanis Morissette tribute in this video? The scenes with her driving, shot from side on inside the car. Very reminiscent of Alanis's video for Ironic. Similar 70's style windows and pleated upholstery in the car too.

  40. Rosario Cisneros
    Rosario Cisneros
    Pred 16 minútami

    I never had a boyfriend, but this song hurts the same; (

  41. Random ii
    Random ii
    Pred 16 minútami

    Is that Paige from Bazartfar

  42. isleeem
    Pred 17 minútami

    My new fav song

  43. M L
    M L
    Pred 18 minútami

    be honest this isn't your first watching this vid

  44. YøItzMatthew :3
    YøItzMatthew :3
    Pred 18 minútami

    imagine the global collapse when taylor swift collaborates with olivia...we are here for it, but out weaves won’t be.

    1. 「 clsy • vinx 」
      「 clsy • vinx 」
      Pred 13 minútami

      omg i can die peacefully when that happens

  45. Lucas ルーカス
    Lucas ルーカス
    Pred 19 minútami

    Who else knew her as Nini?? 😆

    Pred 19 minútami

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ beautiful I love ittt I love u being nini at high school music the musical

  47. Kayla White
    Kayla White
    Pred 20 minútami

    I didn't even know Olivia Rodrigo could sing. Her voice is stunning.

  48. Bella Vasquez
    Bella Vasquez
    Pred 20 minútami

    This is what a sad songs sounds like Take notes Dixie 💀✋🏽

  49. Brenton Morand
    Brenton Morand
    Pred 20 minútami

    Just want to throw something out there: Olivia wrote this song, these are her lyrics. Every Dixie song is ghostwritten.

  50. You’re Losers
    You’re Losers
    Pred 20 minútami

    lady’s & germs life is too short to pretend that u don’t like Olivia.

    1. You’re Losers
      You’re Losers
      Pred 16 minútami

      Oops i didn’t mean *germs* i meant *gentlemen*

  51. Analia Paredes Rojas
    Analia Paredes Rojas
    Pred 21 minútou

    Cause i still fuckingg love you

  52. Lezlo Carolissen
    Lezlo Carolissen
    Pred 23 minútami

    Yeah im back again

  53. Caitlain Youtube
    Caitlain Youtube
    Pred 23 minútami

    Ill be honest when ever i hear this song it makes me feel I'm having new start of life

  54. yaya yeah
    yaya yeah
    Pred 24 minútami

    That change in tone @2:29 gives me chills

  55. Oumou Sy
    Oumou Sy
    Pred 25 minútami

    Dang this is sad.... your going places!

  56. EmGaming ROBLOX
    EmGaming ROBLOX
    Pred 25 minútami

    One word: Masterpiece I love this song so much. You deserve everything. The fact you wrote this song by yourself! I can already see you being as big as Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande 💖💖💖💖💖

  57. slytherin jisoo
    slytherin jisoo
    Pred 25 minútami

    only the people who don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend can like

  58. John Bell
    John Bell
    Pred 25 minútami

    I just did the tiki's,tok trend whilst listening to this and banged my head on my headboard thing and I think I have a concussion ;-;

  59. Alyssa ufton
    Alyssa ufton
    Pred 26 minútami

    omg so good

  60. Matt Otxoa
    Matt Otxoa
    Pred 26 minútami

    Well... check this Rock cover of the song, it’s amazing! svplus.info/level/ZqWp3pmhn9WnpKc/video

  61. Nova Academia
    Nova Academia
    Pred 26 minútami

    Those 37k people didn't pass their driver's license 🙄✋🏻

  62. Bean Bean
    Bean Bean
    Pred 27 minútami

    I've been coming back to this song everyday and i remember just 2 days ago this song only had 24 million views

  63. Elvis Black
    Elvis Black
    Pred 27 minútami

    Beautiful Jhs Beautiful 😫

  64. Maia
    Pred 28 minútami

    Why are they always blonde tho

  65. Niky Montes
    Niky Montes
    Pred 28 minútami

    I'm crying, I didn't think that a song could reach my heart so hard, Olivia is a goddess ✨💛

  66. Tomas Silva
    Tomas Silva
    Pred 29 minútami

    Only people who don't have a driver's license can like this comment

  67. Maia
    Pred 29 minútami

    I want a drivers License now :(

  68. The Man behind The Slaughter
    The Man behind The Slaughter
    Pred 29 minútami

    Wait she’s familiar

    1. Blue Cheese
      Blue Cheese
      Pred 23 minútami

      She was on Disney’s Bizardvark and High school musical the musical the series

  69. Sunflower Rose
    Sunflower Rose
    Pred 31 minútou

    Rate to song one to 10

  70. Fortnite Ios
    Fortnite Ios
    Pred 32 minútami

    now i only want to have a car and shout that song

  71. Danna Vera
    Danna Vera
    Pred 32 minútami

    Loved it

  72. Maliyah all day Owens
    Maliyah all day Owens
    Pred 32 minútami

    Love it 😍 ❤️ love it 🥰

  73. Sara
    Pred 32 minútami

    Saw a comment that said- We all have this one person we think about while listening... So true. Except for my person actually doesn't exist. Haha

  74. Theo
    Pred 33 minútami

    Great song, but what a great video, props to the director!!

  75. lusope 234
    lusope 234
    Pred 33 minútami

    No entiendo una mierda de esta canción

  76. Kyah Rijn
    Kyah Rijn
    Pred 33 minútami

    37k people doesn't have driver's license.

  77. Eduardo Bandeira
    Eduardo Bandeira
    Pred 34 minútami


  78. Aubrey,.l.Sezwejyy Brigman
    Aubrey,.l.Sezwejyy Brigman
    Pred 34 minútami

    Your so amazing

  79. Botz Lauri
    Botz Lauri
    Pred 35 minútami


  80. Emily G
    Emily G
    Pred 35 minútami

    Everyone wanna list who they think about when they here this 🥺

    1. Emily G
      Emily G
      Pred 35 minútami

      Cooper 🥺

  81. Jessica Gill
    Jessica Gill
    Pred 36 minútami

    Nope I’m totally not crying over this song even tho I have NO boyfriend, drivers license, or car

  82. Wishlist MK
    Wishlist MK
    Pred 36 minútami

    Bittersweet memories, unrequited love = this song = Us fans 🥺🥺🥺

  83. Ice Bear
    Ice Bear
    Pred 37 minútami

    Not me with a loyal asf bf listening to this song on repeat

  84. Holtan Family
    Holtan Family
    Pred 38 minútami

    The fact shes talking about Sabrina carpenter is crazyyyy

    1. Daniela Hernández Morejon
      Daniela Hernández Morejon
      Pred 31 minútou

      Joshua Basset happened

    2. skeletonqueen189
      Pred 34 minútami

      Wait what happened with Sabrina and her

  85. Josie Orchard
    Josie Orchard
    Pred 38 minútami

    I love this song!! 😍😍

  86. PainX Akatsuki
    PainX Akatsuki
    Pred 38 minútami


    Pred 38 minútami

    shes amazing

  88. Kayla
    Pred 38 minútami

    Such a good singer

  89. Mariana Oliveira
    Mariana Oliveira
    Pred 39 minútami

    Pred 40 minútami

    love this song

  91. Johny Greenwood
    Johny Greenwood
    Pred 40 minútami


  92. Oxidize
    Pred 40 minútami

    I got a drivers licence ad on the drivers licence video

      Pred 14 sekundami

      I can’t believe he would dump a beautiful girl like her for another girl it just makes me so mad 😡😡🤬🤬🤬 he made a song for her too but how is she going to believe him when he didn’t mean what he said in the other song🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    2. BluePlays
      Pred 5 minútami

      @Julio pg 13 stfu

    3. Alone_[med!c]
      Pred 15 minútami

      @Julio pg 13 dude Dixie’s music is nowhere close to this she says the n-word my god

    4. EmGaming ROBLOX
      EmGaming ROBLOX
      Pred 23 minútami

      @An I Oop agreed

    5. EmGaming ROBLOX
      EmGaming ROBLOX
      Pred 24 minútami

      @Julio pg 13 um yea no she wrote this song by her self!!

  93. Melanie W
    Melanie W
    Pred 40 minútami

    I just watched a video of her reacting to this song on the radio.

  94. Gela Jose
    Gela Jose
    Pred 41 minútou

    2:30 was the start of everything 😓💗

  95. MJR 2000
    MJR 2000
    Pred 42 minútami

    How can a song like this and a song like WAP live in the same charts?

  96. Enzo Moisés Farfan
    Enzo Moisés Farfan
    Pred 42 minútami

    AHHHH 😟😪

  97. leny polo
    leny polo
    Pred 42 minútami

    I can’t believe her debut song blew up this big

  98. Adara Fernandez
    Adara Fernandez
    Pred 43 minútami

    Me: I’m not gonna get obsessed with this song, no I’m not, no. The song 20 minutes later: I know ur obsessed with me 😏

  99. Quinn Velasquez
    Quinn Velasquez
    Pred 43 minútami

    we all have a problem of coming back here every hour

  100. Donovan Turner
    Donovan Turner
    Pred 43 minútami

    Watch this comment get zero likes

    1. Ally May
      Ally May
      Pred 33 minútami