Video Game Show - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Concert 1080p

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  1. Arbyz Petrovich
    Arbyz Petrovich
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    00:00:30 - Geralt of Rivia 00:01:50 - Eredin, King of the Hunt 00:04:13 - Commanding the Fury 00:06:23 - Wake Up, Ciri 00:07:58 - The Wolf and the Swallow 00:10:30 - Fate Calls 00:12:29 - Farewell, Old Friend 00:15:25 - Ladies of the Woods 00:17:52 - Spikeroog 00:20:56 - Bonny at Morn 00:23:28 - On Thin Ice 00:25:51 - Witch Hunters 00:28:29 - The Tree We Sat Once 00:31:05 - I Name Thee Dea and Embrace Thee as My Daughter 00:32:23 - King's Bran Final Voyage 00:34:35 - Welcome, Imlerith 00:37:21 - The Hunt is Coming 00:39:25 - Kaer Morhen 00:41:57 - Aen Seidhe 00:45:11 - Silver for Monsters 00:47:22 - Geralt of Rivia (reprise) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone Suite 00:50:05 - Hearts of Stone 00:53:03 - Mystery Man 00:55:40 - The Temple of Lilvani 00:58:00 - A Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine Suite 01:02:20 - Blood and Wine 01:05:20 - The Banks of the Sansretour 01:09:18 - Fanfares and Flowers 01:12:30 - Lady of the Lake 01:13:42 - The Slopes of the Blessure 01:15:58 - Beyond Hill and Dale... 01:19:02 - The Moon Over Mount Gorgon 01:21:04 - Tesham Mutna 01:23:15 - Lullaby of Woe

    1. Данияр Султанов
      Данияр Султанов
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      @Pray For The World спасибо :)

    2. Lumos
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      There is no 'steel for humans'

    3. Egor
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    4. Shrapnel Parktronic
      Shrapnel Parktronic
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      Omg Thanks Bro!

    5. Foulfell Corruption
      Foulfell Corruption
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  2. Love Unow
    Love Unow
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    The most privilege audience of the Four Kingdoms.

  3. Vyknee
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    01:13:42 I loved hearing this in Toussaint

  4. Jeros
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    kaer morhen :))

  5. Niels G
    Niels G
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    Shame on me but I forgot the track "The Wolf and the Swallow" but thanks to them I realized how it's one of the best of the entire game (Ok, Farewell, Old Friend is also insane) (Ok, Geralt of Rivia, Eredin King of the Hunt, Commanding the Fury, Wake Up Ciri, The Wolf and the Swallow, Fate Calls, Farewell Old Friend, Ladies of the Woods, Spikeroog, Bonny at Morn, On Thin Ice, Witch Hunters, The Tree We Sat Once, I Name Thee Dea and Embrace Thee as My Daughter, King's Bran Final Voyage, Welcome Imlerith, The Hunt is Coming, Kaer Morhen, Aen Seidhe, Silver for Monsters, Geralt of Rivia (reprise), Hearts of Stone, Mystery Man, The Temple of Lilvani, A Gifted Man Brings Gifts Galore, Blood and Wine, The Banks of the Sansretour, Fanfares and Flowers, Lady of the Lake, The Slopes of the Blessure, Beyond Hill and Dale, The Moon Over Mount Gorgon, Tesham Mutna and Lullaby of Woe are insane too)

  6. SweetLikeDonuts
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    45:13 you are here for this

  7. Elenuccia Elenuccia
    Elenuccia Elenuccia
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    легкое черное облако на возвышении))) Но голос шикарен!

  8. Gabriel Bucur
    Gabriel Bucur
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    1:02:34 Am I the only one annoyed by the "bats all are *swailing* in the breeze"? It's swaying...

  9. Mak Sim
    Mak Sim
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    Harpe 😁😷

  10. SairoMax
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    39:42 I need this flute urgently...

  11. Vishnu Varatharajan
    Vishnu Varatharajan
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    1:02:10 My God is that Ciri the ashen-haired woman walking?

  12. Sonpablo
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    51:40 This is absolutely beautiful

  13. delloda
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    This is missing The Fields of Ard Skellig (the best song) or did I just miss it?

  14. Michal Niebyl
    Michal Niebyl
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    witcher, would you care to make a short descriptions of what we are seeing here for those who landed here by hasard? Where and when did this concert took place? What orchestra it is and who is conductor, other artists perhaps? I can see the original band Percival playing here, the ones who are credited with composing the Witcher III music along the two main composers.

  15. Gerda Krueger
    Gerda Krueger
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    Absolutely awesome

  16. VERSingthegamez
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    Anyone have a list of all the instruments used here?

  17. Inezia Ggt
    Inezia Ggt
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    Mais c'est génial :O

  18. Đức Minh
    Đức Minh
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    beautiful sound.

  19. Pedro Pierre
    Pedro Pierre
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    Aen Seidhe the vocals sheeeeeeeesh

  20. Andy Sapko
    Andy Sapko
    Pred 6 dňami

    а можно мне ту женщину которая кричит на 45:30? за такие крики я готов на все

  21. JPF FPS
    Pred 7 dňami

    Missing Ard Skellig...😔

  22. Digital-Scratch
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    The ONLY thing that failed here was the lack of bagpipe drop in the Geralt of Rivia Reprise

  23. Shan x
    Shan x
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    39:26 Brb, I'm going to cry.

  24. Kraito Krombongus
    Kraito Krombongus
    Pred 9 dňami

    This is absolut pure gold! Amazing!!!!

  25. Andy Sapko
    Andy Sapko
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    почему на этом шедевре еще всего лишь 1 миллион просмотров?

  26. Юрий Костюченко
    Юрий Костюченко
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    Дизлайк за отсутствие песни про лодочника. Сразу нивелирует все их старания .

  27. The Sovereign Millennial
    The Sovereign Millennial
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    Where was this concert?

    1. krzysztof zlomanczuk
      krzysztof zlomanczuk
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  28. The Sovereign Millennial
    The Sovereign Millennial
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    Why is a ninja the conductor?

  29. Zeroflux
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    !!!! how incredible is that vocalist

  30. Tristan Ath
    Tristan Ath
    Pred 10 dňami

    I want to see this in real life !!!

  31. Nick
    Pred 10 dňami

    That feeling you get when you are deep within an elven ruin, fully immersed, and "Aen Seidhe" starts to play... Incredible game, incredible music.

  32. Nick
    Pred 11 dňami

    Good luck on the Path.

  33. punksNdead
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    Nechápu nic

  34. 303 - Azrial Azhar
    303 - Azrial Azhar
    Pred 11 dňami

    Thanks to this video i found Percival and got a new Family that is the Percivalian community. It's the best gift i got in these hard times..

  35. Ravadore
    Pred 11 dňami

    Geralt so close to Anvil of Crom!!

  36. Deadlimitey
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    Как же я хотел, побывать там (((( и ощутить эту волну эмоций музыки из любимой игры.

  37. Mike F2P Gaming
    Mike F2P Gaming
    Pred 11 dňami

    Who is the Singer for blood and wine? She is sooo good

    1. Krzysztofkk
      Pred 8 dňami

      Monika Brodka

  38. Ahmed Mo
    Ahmed Mo
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    I get chills through my whole body and soul everytime i listen to this.

  39. Olivier Laviale
    Olivier Laviale
    Pred 12 dňami

    That Blood and Wine Suite. Hu. So good.

  40. Olivier Laviale
    Olivier Laviale
    Pred 12 dňami

    00:45:53 - Lele lelele lele lelele

  41. braeive
    Pred 13 dňami

    That concert is great! unfortunatly its missing MY favorit from BaW : ' The Mandragora'

  42. Lumos
    Pred 13 dňami

    Where is 'steel for humans' soundtrack....!?

  43. freesetoker
    Pred 13 dňami

    Это шедевр!

  44. Tony Reis
    Tony Reis
    Pred 13 dňami

    This is amazing!

  45. Иван Антонов
    Иван Антонов
    Pred 14 dňami

    Это прекрасно!

  46. makrofaguss
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    Holly shit... Wow 🤗

  47. Markss Chavelos
    Markss Chavelos
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    Where is the banana Tiger?

  48. Apocalypsh
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    I completed witcher 3 for the first time 2 days ago and today in my feed this video appears.

  49. Nayeem
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    39:25 our journey started there..♥️♥️♥️ 45:54 and this was the most played i guess

  50. Vasco Cerqueira
    Vasco Cerqueira
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    00:50:05 - The goosebumps

  51. Winston Smith - Ministry of Truth
    Winston Smith - Ministry of Truth
    Pred 15 dňami

    Ive played from the earliest consoles in the early 80s to VR nowadays and Witcher 3 is the best game ive played. Only game ive ever really cared about the characters.

  52. Przemysław Kwiatkowski
    Przemysław Kwiatkowski
    Pred 15 dňami

    Where is Priscilla song??? 🤔

    1. Krzysztofkk
      Pred 8 dňami

      on covid quarantine...

  53. Tássio
    Pred 15 dňami

    The Fields of Ard Skellige would be epic!!

  54. Sanja Juhart Novak
    Sanja Juhart Novak
    Pred 16 dňami

    This is amazing!

  55. marcus delaney
    marcus delaney
    Pred 16 dňami

    Never regrets even once to live in the world and have a chance to see this masterpiece. Thank you for the journey and all those great memories. You guys are amazing.

  56. Mariusz Smoleń
    Mariusz Smoleń
    Pred 16 dňami

    To piękne

  57. Chrono Wolf
    Chrono Wolf
    Pred 16 dňami

    I would have given up both my ears to be there among that audience

  58. taqy taqy
    taqy taqy
    Pred 17 dňami

    15:41 I almost cried when I heard that 😫, O'dimm and the cornes are my favorites.

  59. Zero Judgement
    Zero Judgement
    Pred 17 dňami

    I completely did not expect the girl doing the voice for the Ladies of the Woods song.

  60. Timmy ben Timon
    Timmy ben Timon
    Pred 17 dňami

    Scary music. I've wet my pants...

  61. Patrick Jemai
    Patrick Jemai
    Pred 17 dňami

    00:17:00 im in love 💘😍

  62. Marcel Stutz
    Marcel Stutz
    Pred 18 dňami

    42:00 God, those girls have an amazing voice, it gives me chills everytime.

  63. Togrul Babayev
    Togrul Babayev
    Pred 18 dňami

    Fantastic performance as always! Thank you very much!

  64. Linkman247
    Pred 19 dňami

    Such an amazing game and the music was just fantastic.

  65. nabeel baccus
    nabeel baccus
    Pred 19 dňami

    Completed witcher 3 for the 15th time with all the achievements today. I can do this all over again. This is hands down a true masterpiece.

    1. Gwynbleidd27_
      Pred 17 dňami

      15 times what a god :D I am at my 7th

  66. Jesper Møller
    Jesper Møller
    Pred 19 dňami

    Where is the orchestra from? This is just effing brilliant. It never ceases to amaze me how much music can trigger emotions and memories. Thanks a bunch for this upload.

  67. Ragde Yastnod
    Ragde Yastnod
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  68. Anas Jbara
    Anas Jbara
    Pred 21 dňom

    Amazing work indeed, brought me back to the Witcher memories!! keep up the great work guys, well done

  69. witcher
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    We have reached 1 million views! Thank you for incredible support, guys!

    1. Dark Side
      Dark Side
      Pred 5 dňami

      thank you!

    2. Gwynbleidd27_
      Pred 21 dňom

      thank you for uploading this

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  71. Alex Amez
    Alex Amez
    Pred 22 dňami

    Every single time i hear The wolf and the Swallow.... 😢

  72. leo lor
    leo lor
    Pred 23 dňami

    I dont think I will ever escape the feeling of wanting to play Witcher 3 for the first time again.

  73. leo lor
    leo lor
    Pred 23 dňami


  74. Serega Best
    Serega Best
    Pred 23 dňami

    Игра Ахуительнийшая ! Русские Тут))

  75. Feanor
    Pred 23 dňami

    1:23:15 I'd love to hear this song from orianna instead of this lady, sorry.

  76. Roma Pashacvet
    Roma Pashacvet
    Pred 23 dňami

    просто шедевр )))

  77. Шизантроп
    Pred 24 dňami

    17:11 сжечь ведьму!!!

  78. Julian Hartl
    Julian Hartl
    Pred 24 dňami

    00:47:22 - Geralt of Rivia (reprise) incredible stuff, thanks

  79. Meng
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  80. SuperTom 86
    SuperTom 86
    Pred 25 dňami

    No Fields of Ard Skillige? Seriously?

  81. Tony Stark
    Tony Stark
    Pred 26 dňami

    I just suddenly want a witcher anime

  82. IvanPinesLol
    Pred 26 dňami

    The dislikes are probably the Wild Hunt

  83. Rudolf Csurik
    Rudolf Csurik
    Pred 26 dňami

    Na, de mégis. Ki az Ördög 😈? Ki, az Isten? Legalább ennyit mondj el.! Ki? Az Apád lüke fiam. Te is kapsz egy gyertyát a vakok és gyengénlátók országos szövetségétől. Szerintem ennyi elég. Mire? A dobogó legfelső fokára. Mégis mire? :)

  84. Mitev Stojan
    Mitev Stojan
    Pred 26 dňami

    01:13:42 This shit made me believe in god. How something can be so magical is beyond me

  85. Ozzi
    Pred 26 dňami

    Whats the extremely unique sounding violin looking thing that the girl in red is playing?

  86. Burak P.
    Burak P.
    Pred 27 dňami


  87. CSmith
    Pred 27 dňami

    Kaer Morhen is such a beautiful song and even though it’s not here The Outskirts of Novigrad is my favourite if you haven’t listened to it search for it it incredible.

  88. MaryJane Jabel Delatore
    MaryJane Jabel Delatore
    Pred 28 dňami

    crows perch and white orchard were missed why ???? T_T

  89. Ray
    Pred mesiacom

    15:37 , 23:29 , 34:39 , 39:39 , 42:00 , 45:10 , 53:04 , 55:40 , 57:00 , 1:02:15 , 1:13:42 , 1:14:28 , 1:21:05 ,

  90. Ciobanu Nicolae Madalin
    Ciobanu Nicolae Madalin
    Pred mesiacom

    im addicted to this. please help me

  91. George Mosquera
    George Mosquera
    Pred mesiacom

    I believe the ethnic instruments include the saz, kemenche, hurdy gurdy, renaissance fiddle(the vielle?). Can anyone spot and id the rest? Honestly, I'm more lost with the percussionists. Can anyone identify the instruments in the percussion section? (I saw the coke bottles lol) If there aren't any specialized drums in there, i must say, its amazing what can be achieved with traditional orchestral drums. That Pagan swagger feels authentic to me, but I may just be a laymen in this regard (cant remember the last time i attended a ritual sacrifice :p

  92. CookieZ
    Pred mesiacom

    Geralt of Rivia, the Slopes of the Blessure, Steel for humans... and ....Silver for Monsters are the best themes imo.

  93. Jacky Toh
    Jacky Toh
    Pred mesiacom

    True vibe starts 45:43, where the drowner heard this music when Geralt appears

  94. Fog's Kiss
    Fog's Kiss
    Pred mesiacom

    Kaer morhen is the best one

  95. H E I D I
    H E I D I
    Pred mesiacom


  96. Marcin Saran
    Marcin Saran
    Pred mesiacom

    look at the drum guy at 38:28 hitting taped Pepsi and Coca Cola bottles lol, don't get me wrong it's still beautiful piece of music, just considered it amusing that such an improvised instrument found it's place in an "opera setting"

  97. Igor Hrastovec
    Igor Hrastovec
    Pred mesiacom

    It's a delight to see Ladies of the woods perform their music themselves!

  98. Артём Попов
    Артём Попов
    Pred mesiacom

    Thank you very much for this MASTERPIECE! I just can't stop listening more and more! This is amazing, incredible, you are breathtaking! Wish I could be there to hear all this alive. Bravissimo!

  99. Atanas Kovachev
    Atanas Kovachev
    Pred mesiacom

    The game is a masterpiece indeed. The first time I installed I played for 10 minutes and deleted(Big mistake). After few months I spoke with few friends, Watched the Show(I was not able to understand what's going on in it tbh) decided to give the game another try. And then it all begins, I've become a fan of that game. The story is amazing, the atmosphere of the game is amazing. And non of this would've be possible without that wonderful music that fits so well in the game's atmosphere. Good Work CD Project Red, thanks for that story Andrzej Sapkowski. I just started to read the books as well and I have the feeling they will be amazing as well.

    1. Atanas Kovachev
      Atanas Kovachev
      Pred 27 dňami

      @Mai Nem That's correct. Last night I read the Rendfri, Stregobor chapter. Which definitely has some tweaks but in general they did quite good job for the tv show adaptation.I assume the first book will also tell the story of Yenefer and the Gin. In the 2nd book judging by the name will probably tell the story of Cintra, Ciri and the beginning of the Nilfgardian invasion. Can't wait to get there :)

    2. Mai Nem
      Mai Nem
      Pred 27 dňami

      The TV show IS basically the first two books (Last Wish & Sword of Destiny) - you'll recognise the stories instantly, even though the TV show tweaks some things (like "rat boy" in the show was actually Geralt himself in the books when escorting Ciri through the forest).

  100. ikarius fire
    ikarius fire
    Pred mesiacom

    Damn. I'm just falling asleep with these music anymore.