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  1. 웃웃TwinsFromRussia
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    Would you be scared to do this of you had a twin? 👬😳 Follow us on Instagram: @TwinsFromRussia 👬🇷🇺

    1. سمر ثامر علي
      سمر ثامر علي
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    2. ;-;
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      Don't do that 💀💀💀the aircraft hold is not pressurized, he risks dying from a lack of oxygen and cold.

    3. Sônia Maria Magalhães Magalhães
      Sônia Maria Magalhães Magalhães
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      Foi a coisa mais engraçada

    4. Charlie Shaddow
      Charlie Shaddow
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      When you enter and exit out of the same door

    5. Chan Bee Ching
      Chan Bee Ching
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  2. Mayra Boyer
    Mayra Boyer
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  3. -Sonny Animations-
    -Sonny Animations-
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    Ah goodbye brain cells 😔

  4. Wil_loop
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    Putin está muy decepcionado

  5. JUAN Silva
    JUAN Silva
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    you forgot the mask

  6. kuchi awk
    kuchi awk
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    Fdfeewewewewrweerwrefwfwr 🏴‍☠️

  7. ZackTheMac
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    I put it on my momma that these boys sleep in the same bed. With the same jammys and everything on they bed is one pattern.

  8. Jose Vazquez
    Jose Vazquez
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  9. ethan weber
    ethan weber
    Pred 6 hodinami

    A real couple did this and the wife died and the distraught husband committed suicide not to long after soo very sad

  10. Gryffin Hoffman
    Gryffin Hoffman
    Pred 7 hodinami

    Or you just buy a plane ticket

  11. April Acevedo
    April Acevedo
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    People have actually died being in a suitcase like that for too long ya know. So let's just make it look like the thing to do.

  12. olivia pearl
    olivia pearl
    Pred 8 hodinami

    Omg i love it mommy when we go to vacation can I stick someone in my bag now where'd you hear that from but I want to Mommy I said no go on go

  13. Equinox Rayer
    Equinox Rayer
    Pred 8 hodinami

    The Camera man has Become Invisible

  14. Lina Toncheva
    Lina Toncheva
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  15. Anna Wright
    Anna Wright
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    Him goes outside opens the back Me: he's opening the back in public dude bruh

  16. Anna Wright
    Anna Wright
    Pred 10 hodinami

    There so skinny and imagine if Somone took there spot case and found a human in it

  17. Josemaría Macías
    Josemaría Macías
    Pred 10 hodinami

    Lo que no saben es que en México no hay playa XD

  18. Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin
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    Well thats one way to die even if you make it past all the security and everything remember unless its carry on the cargo section isn't pressurized and isn't oxygenated and im pretty sure at that altitude oxygen is needed. The only section of the luggage that is presurized is the animal section but thats a separate section all together

  19. Brian Kline
    Brian Kline
    Pred 12 hodinami

    So cringe

  20. Phober
    Pred 13 hodinami

    This is originality

  21. Billy Xiong
    Billy Xiong
    Pred 13 hodinami

    Wow it so close you almost to get caught

  22. kolodiazhniy
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  23. Rodito Jr. Magbutay
    Rodito Jr. Magbutay
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    Churches in a wonderful year by chance have fgjgvgd gghvvdvvg djcfh fgbff g

  24. M1ZY4N_ 07
    M1ZY4N_ 07
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    this is so fake 🤣😂

  25. Nate dawwg
    Nate dawwg
    Pred 15 hodinami

    this sucked

  26. cocomarshmallow moon
    cocomarshmallow moon
    Pred 16 hodinami

    I like how you guys ar like twins

  27. Kwame Klu
    Kwame Klu
    Pred 16 hodinami

    I weak so not even the machine at the airport detected that there was a human in the bag 😏

  28. Jose Torres
    Jose Torres
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  29. Bikram Saini
    Bikram Saini
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  30. Vania Roberta
    Vania Roberta
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    Parece que deu certo

  31. Χρήστος Παπαρας
    Χρήστος Παπαρας
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    Είσαστε πολύ καλοί εσείς οι δύο😆😆😆😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  32. Χρήστος Παπαρας
    Χρήστος Παπαρας
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    1. Χρήστος Παπαρας
      Χρήστος Παπαρας
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  33. Никол
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    Enter Terminal 5 Exit Terminal 5. You didn’t go anywhere 😂 But for a walk around the airport

  34. Stefania Mottola
    Stefania Mottola
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  35. Noodle
    Pred 19 hodinami

    Ever wanted to take someone on vacation with you? Try human smuggeling!!!

  36. Rubixrules
    Pred 20 hodinami

    Very real

  37. Cassie Elliott
    Cassie Elliott
    Pred 21 hodinou

    How does a basically completely grown man fit in that suitcase!?

  38. kübra demir
    kübra demir
    Pred 21 hodinou

    😂🤔🤔🤔😂 hem Gülesim geldi Hem de nasıl yapıyor bilmiyorum Ben oraya normalde sığarım Ama gerçekten kapa kapa tamam

  39. Erica Cabasag
    Erica Cabasag
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  40. Levi C.
    Levi C.
    Pred 22 hodinami

    Y’all are really starting to tap into your extra chromosomes for these video ideas

  41. Concord Stuff
    Concord Stuff
    Pred 23 hodinami

    Oh god, please, kill all tiktok users...

  42. 햄섯터귀여움
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  43. Angry Gamer
    Angry Gamer
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    Tiktok is trash

  44. Ols Lekamge
    Ols Lekamge
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    Oooooooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  45. nur zulaikha
    nur zulaikha
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  46. ぜろ
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  47. BenzoX
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    How does this have 4M Likes

  48. kamv 010
    kamv 010
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    Lol i like to do that someday. But my parents say no. Every time when we go to Mexico. I say "mom can i hide inside the suit case?". My mom says: " No"

  49. F8TEcandy 34
    F8TEcandy 34
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    First of all that would be impossible to carry them on a plane because they go to security second there’s no pressure in the under cabin where the luggage goes so he’ll suffocate and die

  50. n 'guessan desire
    n 'guessan desire
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  51. goba
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    Биба и Боба .......

  52. MalikYT Shorts
    MalikYT Shorts
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    Wow that sound like a kidnapping

  53. Marcos Rodrigues Almeida
    Marcos Rodrigues Almeida
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  54. Eashley Vin Nicole Linawagan
    Eashley Vin Nicole Linawagan
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    When you don't care about covid be like:

  55. Kayan Mehta
    Kayan Mehta
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    But like you still have to pay for the camera mans ticket... Still kinda a L

  56. Nikki Griffin
    Nikki Griffin
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    1ug ohv if

  57. B3nch
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    This is more autistic than autism

  58. Сергей Скиданов
    Сергей Скиданов
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    Сказки братьев Грим

  59. KjM77
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    Did Jedwood get a haircut and a more annoying accent 😁

  60. angelaesparza1129
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    Because you are to lazy to pay for another ticket

  61. azart
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    Проверыл свои iq из видио Оп оп пажыли и хватыт

  62. Wafa Al-Zahrani
    Wafa Al-Zahrani
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    Wow so cool

  63. Edvrongjm
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    3,9 million people found human trafficking so good that they liked the vid I CANT BELIEVE IT LIKE SERIOUSLY

  64. Jxrvn B
    Jxrvn B
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    Can we talk about how 4m people liked this?

  65. Meshari Ali
    Meshari Ali
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  66. Yenny Melchor martinez
    Yenny Melchor martinez
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    Asen los videos bien chidos la neta

  67. Ant Camp
    Ant Camp
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    Sooo fake

  68. Ant Camp
    Ant Camp
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    Talking to his suitcase

  69. Ant Camp
    Ant Camp
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    Airports don’t do that and who wouldn’t be suspicious of a guy in such out grown jeans and a bright orange turtleneck

  70. sunskyriver
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    Great now some idiot kids will think this is real and end up killing their friend who gets stuck in a suitcase or something stupid. This isnt even funny at all, just dumb. Weird that they are popular just because they are twins.

  71. Drew Watson
    Drew Watson
    Pred dňom

    I have a twin

  72. Cheryldine Perry
    Cheryldine Perry
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    How fake do they think we r stupid

  73. Damaris sarahi Cardenas cervantes
    Damaris sarahi Cardenas cervantes
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  74. Danna Soledad
    Danna Soledad
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    Fdndndndndndn d ndndndndndndndndnxndndndndbxnxnxxndndndndndnxnxndndndndndnddndndnxnxndndndnddnxndndndndndndndnxnzndnxnxndndndndndnxnxnnznznzxnznznxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnznznznxnxxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxxnxnznznxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxnxn

  75. Cringefy
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    Thanks! 😂😂😂

  76. Josh Molyneux
    Josh Molyneux
    Pred dňom

    This is so shit you aren’t even funny 🤯

  77. nagarjuna chennu
    nagarjuna chennu
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    You are very good in is any time

  78. Johan alain Lopez chavero
    Johan alain Lopez chavero
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  79. Zohmaa Royte
    Zohmaa Royte
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    I mean i Like Twins 😊😊😊

  80. Zohmaa Royte
    Zohmaa Royte
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  81. Zohmaa Royte
    Zohmaa Royte
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    I Like t

  82. Zohmaa Royte
    Zohmaa Royte
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  83. 바틀렛 대학SMG-11 반동제어공학과 교수
    바틀렛 대학SMG-11 반동제어공학과 교수
    Pred dňom

    I thought you were a korean because of 웃

  84. Zairyn Winters
    Zairyn Winters
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    Why are you going at the beach but you don't have any swimming suit and your case

  85. vinod roy
    vinod roy
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  86. Peter G.
    Peter G.
    Pred dňom

    And this is why we need even tighter security at airports... idiots!

  87. Jermaine McKenney
    Jermaine McKenney
    Pred dňom

    Oh my God I want me to do it to my friend

  88. Bing Sobrevega-Chan
    Bing Sobrevega-Chan
    Pred dňom

    That is cheating!

  89. Aynur Korkmaz
    Aynur Korkmaz
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    Neye dj rhrryr taht https hu hu hd yer almaktadır ve güvenli hale getirmek için bu hadis Reha h ne zaman olursa o

  90. Default
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  91. ItzPrincessClaire_Yt
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    Wait- so how do u get your things with you? Clothes,shoes and other stuff??

  92. eL C
    eL C
    Pred dňom

    Am I the only one that sees the guy with the Dream backpack?

  93. Tyčinka Cz
    Tyčinka Cz
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  94. Noodle Anims
    Noodle Anims
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    Camera man built different And I'm sorry if someone commented this

  95. rafael dib
    rafael dib
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  96. Bebas Aja
    Bebas Aja
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  97. Ja’Mori Moore
    Ja’Mori Moore
    Pred dňom

    Or maybe just go to the airport without putting him in there and going together

  98. Golden Hawx
    Golden Hawx
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    The scary thing is the amount of likes this fake ass shit has 😂

  99. fnoghosty 69
    fnoghosty 69
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  100. sandiya12345
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    Plot twist : thats a demon monster who can shape shift