Cozy Winter ☕ - [lofi hip hop/study beats]

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🎨 Illustration by Margaux Peltat
🎥 Animation by Ameily With An A
[00:00] Team Astro - Over The Moon
[02:53] Hoogway - After You
[05:12] Purrple Cat - Moonlit Walk
[08:42] Enluv x E I S U - Fjallstoppur
[10:48] squeeda - Vulnerable
[13:44] Towerz x farewell - Sparkler
[16:22] Jhove - Night Lamp
[18:32] cxlt. - Overthinking
[21:04] Elior - Soaring
[23:44] xander. - Rain Come Again
[26:47] G Mills x aimless - Drifting
[28:55] WYS - San Fransisco
[31:16] Lofty x Pointy Features x Quist - Loves Dissonance
[33:56] Monma x cocabona - Tetra
[37:07] aimless x soho - Every Second
[39:52] Glimlip - Ebs and Flows
[41:31] TABAL x eaup - Days Will Pass
[43:31] Ambulo - Serene
[45:39] Sleepermane x Sling Dilly - Inside Out
[47:43] Otaam x squeeda - Dreaming of Snow
[49:39] eaup x Elior - Floating
[52:04] Bert x Nerok - Campfire
[54:16] azula x iamalex x Dillan Witherow - Hammock
[56:26] Anbuu x Blue Wednesday - Sixth Station
[59:08] tysu x Spencer Hunt - Heated Blanket
[01:01:32] Kainbeats x S N U G - Formless
[01:04:02] Chiccote’s Beats x Pueblo Vista - Counting Stars
[01:06:07] Towerz x Hoogway - Moonfall
[01:08:38] fourwalls - Waves
[01:10:41] Celestial Alignment - A Roomful of Memories and Longing
[01:12:51] Mondo Loops - Always Drifting
[01:15:30] Laffey - As The Sun Sets
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  1. Lofi Girl
    Lofi Girl
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    January is half-way done and it is time for another soothing compilation. 'Cozy Winter' offers a 32-track long package full of tranquil vibrations from artists from all around the world. The release brings together the most relaxing songs that fit the winter season perfectly. Sit down by your favourite seat by the window, and get a cup of hot tea ☕

    1. [4D]32_楊慶權 YEUNG HING KUEN
      [4D]32_楊慶權 YEUNG HING KUEN
      Pred 22 dňami


    2. glaze donut
      glaze donut
      Pred 24 dňami

      There's a deleted scene about you

    3. Trang Thu
      Trang Thu
      Pred 27 dňami

      I like your lofi UwU:3

    4. Nurfatimah Abdulsathar
      Nurfatimah Abdulsathar
      Pred 28 dňami


    5. Nurfatimah Abdulsathar
      Nurfatimah Abdulsathar
      Pred 28 dňami

      kkj .jhb

  2. Nessa Arandur
    Nessa Arandur
    Pred hodinou

    Coming up to major essay due dates and this scene gives me FOMO for chilling. This scene is all I want in life right now and for the next 12 months. :(

  3. ITravel Drones
    ITravel Drones
    Pred hodinou

    This song is just what it need!I love it!

  4. Benjamin Ibanez Rebolledo
    Benjamin Ibanez Rebolledo
    Pred 2 hodinami

    nice music

  5. Shauna Long
    Shauna Long
    Pred 3 hodinami

    Thank you

  6. Shaniya Brown
    Shaniya Brown
    Pred 11 hodinami

    Dang got me sleepin

  7. Morpheo DJman
    Morpheo DJman
    Pred 16 hodinami

    where is the TV ??

  8. Ayo AkinCar
    Ayo AkinCar
    Pred 23 hodinami

    I love this thank you for bringing this to the world.

  9. Assani Steich
    Assani Steich
    Pred dňom


  10. Assani Steich
    Assani Steich
    Pred dňom


  11. Elisse Christenson
    Elisse Christenson
    Pred dňom

    Such a pretty house/apartment she has!

    1. Elisse Christenson
      Elisse Christenson
      Pred dňom

      Not sure if its a house or an apartment. LOL

  12. Solange Speaks
    Solange Speaks
    Pred dňom

    her house has so many rooms lmao

  13. 정희애
    Pred dňom

    로피야 오늘 하루도 행복해~

  14. Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson
    Pred dňom

    Her drink will be cold by the time she wakes up... Shame.

  15. נבו אבירם
    נבו אבירם
    Pred dňom

    homework is a virus and this is the cure

  16. Rae
    Pred 2 dňami

    I wish I could study for 12 hours straight too...

  17. Amiral Erlangga
    Amiral Erlangga
    Pred 2 dňami


  18. Mayara Medino
    Mayara Medino
    Pred 2 dňami

    pela primeira vez vejo ela dormindo kkkk

  19. Anixila
    Pred 2 dňami

    I have english final exam then i am going to have 2 exams then i go to middle school wish me luck

  20. dasKeks28
    Pred 2 dňami

    Please don't put your laptop on the carpet like this.

  21. Eight haha
    Eight haha
    Pred 2 dňami

    Lofi, é melhor companhia para estudos, e os comentários são relaxantes... bom estudo/descanso para todos ^^

    1. Eight haha
      Eight haha
      Pred 2 dňami

      finalizei minha 1h de estudo ouvindo lo-fi, muito bom haha

  22. Leiflet
    Pred 2 dňami

    she looks so cozy tho

    Pred 4 dňami

    I loveeeeee this

  24. TheRealPickle
    Pred 4 dňami

    Hey you, yeah you! I know that we will never meet. I don't care who you are, but the world doesn't hate you. I wish you have the rest of your years be blessed by joy and tranquility. One day, you're dreams will come true. Have a blessed life! Now, back to chilling

  25. Jozias BR
    Jozias BR
    Pred 4 dňami

    today I was studying about my country 🇧🇷 Listening to this song 🎶

  26. Músicas sem copyright
    Músicas sem copyright
    Pred 4 dňami

    wow 🌿

  27. Padilla Julie
    Padilla Julie
    Pred 5 dňami


  28. John Daniel Camacho
    John Daniel Camacho
    Pred 5 dňami

    To my fellow Veterinarian Students who are studying Pharmacology under this sea of peaceful music, "You're doing so well!"

  29. Alyssa Stoner
    Alyssa Stoner
    Pred 5 dňami

    hi i might be making my room look like your arts room

  30. suzeth chacon
    suzeth chacon
    Pred 5 dňami


  31. Cloud V
    Cloud V
    Pred 6 dňami

    I discovered lofi music only some years ago and since then I can't live without it anymore! It's so calming and chilling, I play it on background every time I need to study or just relax to distract from my bad thoughts, it has the perfect beats really! 💕

  32. Musik Santai Relaksasi Mother Of Nature
    Musik Santai Relaksasi Mother Of Nature
    Pred 6 dňami

    Dear everyone who reads this, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life and happiness 💖💖💖💖

    1. Trafish Scott
      Trafish Scott
      Pred 2 dňami

      U too.....and for all of the others too

    2. Livia
      Pred 3 dňami

      Thank u so much! I wish that for u too:) for all of you

  33. Herlinda Loeza
    Herlinda Loeza
    Pred 6 dňami

    Me encanta

  34. Lost
    Pred 6 dňami

    go to my youtube channel there are lofi beats.

  35. mxrcuriie
    Pred 6 dňami

    *I wanna have a chill life q,q sana ol-*

  36. MugglesTheseDays
    Pred 6 dňami

    This is the only lofi I listen to when I’m studying, it’s so relaxing!

  37. Lucky Afsdjflasioandfi
    Lucky Afsdjflasioandfi
    Pred 6 dňami

    this pic sums up why i love winter so much

  38. Iyoow Abukar
    Iyoow Abukar
    Pred 7 dňami

    Atleast the lofi girl isn't doing her homework anymore.

  39. Raina Raindrop
    Raina Raindrop
    Pred 7 dňami

    Finally study girl can take a nap from how many years she studied

  40. Jeb Llama
    Jeb Llama
    Pred 7 dňami

    No matter how I'm feeling, or where I am, this video reminds me just to breathe

  41. Celeste Lalianna
    Celeste Lalianna
    Pred 7 dňami


  42. Abigail Whittekiend
    Abigail Whittekiend
    Pred 7 dňami

    This is my personal favorite studying music!!!!

  43. Allison Sandate
    Allison Sandate
    Pred 7 dňami

    I think alot of people should know this: lofi girl is sleeping because litertly she is studying at 1am and 2am and 3am and she must be soooooo tired because she is studying so early in the morning. But anyways love the music and plz do a 4am study session plz i would really love it if you can do that.

  44. Adwitha Puthiyaveetil
    Adwitha Puthiyaveetil
    Pred 8 dňami

    how can a mess look so asthetic?

  45. Padilla Julie
    Padilla Julie
    Pred 8 dňami

    1. Padilla Julie
      Padilla Julie
      Pred 8 dňami


    2. Padilla Julie
      Padilla Julie
      Pred 8 dňami


    3. Padilla Julie
      Padilla Julie
      Pred 8 dňami


  46. SimWiz XD
    SimWiz XD
    Pred 8 dňami

    yo hablo español!!!! siiii

    1. Tamax Desu
      Tamax Desu
      Pred 6 dňami


  47. Marie-Sabine Clémençon
    Marie-Sabine Clémençon
    Pred 8 dňami

    Beau !!!!!!! C’est de qui ? C’est quoi ? Sorry I don’t anderstand exactly ! Very thank y 🌺🎶

  48. SiimplySunii
    Pred 8 dňami

    Quick Question! Lofi Girl, do you actually make this music or like kinda find it? Just wanna know! :D Btw, i listen to you all the timee! Love you Queen Lofi :)))

  49. Friends Of Our God
    Friends Of Our God
    Pred 9 dňami

    I really just cannot believe it is April already in January drivers license was the song and know times have changed.

    1. Tejasvi Singh
      Tejasvi Singh
      Pred 5 dňami!

  50. — Aquela amadora !
    — Aquela amadora !
    Pred 9 dňami

    I love every touch of every song, Spend hours listening to them to study, relax, or even when I'm sad kk. They are very good each of them, thank you for making them available to the public.

  51. aa.kov.
    Pred 9 dňami

    I know I don’t know you but you will get through this! I promise 🤍🤍

    1. Tejasvi Singh
      Tejasvi Singh
      Pred 5 dňami

      Love you bitch🧡

  52. Laloona Shah
    Laloona Shah
    Pred 9 dňami

    I'm starting Ramadan for the first time and this music will really help me rest for energy without food nor water ♥️

  53. Toutouyoutou 22
    Toutouyoutou 22
    Pred 9 dňami

    this should be the #1 channel in the world

  54. Jovie Alani
    Jovie Alani
    Pred 9 dňami

    I want this girls entire house.

  55. Jack Yeh
    Jack Yeh
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  57. supernaturally-made
    Pred 9 dňami

    Good luck with your test if you have one coming up!

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    Natasha LHC
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    Majesty Jones
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  77. Sasha King
    Sasha King
    Pred 11 dňami

    your music make me feel so ready to work. It's so satisfasing! Thanks for this!!

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    Christian Sawer
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