Milan 0-3 Inter | Inter Go Four Points Clear with HUGE Derby Win! | Serie A TIM

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Inter breezed past Milan in the derby to go four points clear at the top of the table thanks to Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez! | Serie A TIM
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  1. Frame X
    Frame X
    Pred 23 minútami

  2. Bless Must
    Bless Must
    Pred 43 minútami

    Tested and trusted. *90auto on Insta* also assisted me lately.

  3. Bless Must
    Bless Must
    Pred 43 minútami

    Tested and trusted. *90auto on Insta* also assisted me lately.

  4. Legend Videos
    Legend Videos
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  5. tri ady mulyanto
    tri ady mulyanto
    Pred hodinou

    When ibra cry

  6. GerardinHo
    Pred hodinou

    How nice it is to see Inter and Milan fight for an Scudetto once again!

  7. Malvina Soledad Vizcarra
    Malvina Soledad Vizcarra
    Pred hodinou

    En la pera a Zlatan jajajajajaj

  8. Victor Dali
    Victor Dali
    Pred hodinou

    Handanovic has his hands steady and ready to save against Ibrahimovic...

  9. Airul Anuwa
    Airul Anuwa
    Pred hodinou

    Why isn't zlatan playing?

  10. Anon2 YT
    Anon2 YT
    Pred 2 hodinami

    Lukako is world class minamino who is that and I am a Liverpool fan bra

  11. Miyumi Reality
    Miyumi Reality
    Pred 2 hodinami

    inter wins , hooray ^^

  12. Kalyana Pemmaraju
    Kalyana Pemmaraju
    Pred 2 hodinami

    the commentator is so annoying, he screams at everything, such a serie a fan boy

  13. Terra messorem
    Terra messorem
    Pred 3 hodinami

    GOOOAAAAAAALLL!!! WOW that was some game

  14. cgty 0
    cgty 0
    Pred 3 hodinami

    Mvp lukaku and handonavic

  15. Dorothy Amber
    Dorothy Amber
    Pred 4 hodinami

    Ты что лунатик... кругом подмена...

  16. sound of nature
    sound of nature
    Pred 4 hodinami

  17. radam pro
    radam pro
    Pred 4 hodinami

    The way how the duo stricker play it remind me the inter of etoo an milito

  18. MrAnon
    Pred 4 hodinami

    Ibrahimovic who???????

  19. Dario Pasha
    Dario Pasha
    Pred 4 hodinami

    I don’t like Ac MILAN and ibrahimovic

  20. Dario Pasha
    Dario Pasha
    Pred 4 hodinami

    Goal Lautaro goal Lautaro and three goal Lukaku hurray hurray INTER is my favourite club.

  21. RealGamerz619
    Pred 4 hodinami

    oh man that one probably hurt zlatan to see lukaku score after that fight

  22. Klava Noris
    Klava Noris
    Pred 4 hodinami

    Teper' on hochet smerti sebe, i vsemu miru.

  23. Ishma Adams
    Ishma Adams
    Pred 4 hodinami

    How you like me now Ibrah says romelu lol

  24. Matías Rodríguez
    Matías Rodríguez
    Pred 4 hodinami

    Lpm Milán como vamos a perder el clásico así con zlatan y todo perdimos que mala suerte para el gigante de italia

    1. senni bgon
      senni bgon
      Pred 4 hodinami

      mau komen ingris takut bersalahan😀

  25. Andrei Dumitrescu
    Andrei Dumitrescu
    Pred 4 hodinami

    Fantastic goals

    1. senni bgon
      senni bgon
      Pred 4 hodinami

      Lion is silent now

  26. Ibrahimo Jamal
    Ibrahimo Jamal
    Pred 5 hodinami

    Lukako é o cara

  27. A. M
    A. M
    Pred 5 hodinami

    Zlatan got humbled by that goalie.

  28. Emmanuel Onwuegbulem
    Emmanuel Onwuegbulem
    Pred 5 hodinami

    Inter is now a beast of a team!

  29. Pacifique Nteta
    Pacifique Nteta
    Pred 5 hodinami

    I don't think Lukaku's left foot is being spoken about enough

  30. Alvin Something
    Alvin Something
    Pred 5 hodinami

    Lukaku lacked the motivation/ support at Manchester United, end of discussion.

  31. kalayci mustafa
    kalayci mustafa
    Pred 6 hodinami

    👍🇹🇷Lukaku👍... Ibrahimovic👎👎👎

  32. Adhe OmOmSadap
    Adhe OmOmSadap
    Pred 6 hodinami

    the best player in Italia league, say love from indonesia

  33. Sinar Terang
    Sinar Terang
    Pred 6 hodinami

    Live Unfollow Dayana

  34. Archange Luyamba
    Archange Luyamba
    Pred 6 hodinami

    Lukaku inter💪

  35. Hedson M. Jonas
    Hedson M. Jonas
    Pred 6 hodinami

    Inter is Lukaku 🔥💪🏾

  36. Cherry
    Pred 6 hodinami

  37. Amirul Haniff
    Amirul Haniff
    Pred 6 hodinami

    I just love when Ibra misbehaviour drop his team again. Wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk

  38. Sun Rise
    Sun Rise
    Pred 7 hodinami

    Не повезло Милану с ударами...но это игра.

  39. terhegeh2
    Pred 7 hodinami

    Lion is silent now

  40. Anto Simatupang
    Anto Simatupang
    Pred 7 hodinami

    mau komen ingris takut bersalahan😀

  41. Arif Muji
    Arif Muji
    Pred 7 hodinami

    Forza inter

  42. Fernando Machado
    Fernando Machado
    Pred 7 hodinami

    O conselho, a diretória e o presidente dos clubes brasileiros devem ser responsabilizados pelos desvios financeiros...

  43. Novan Distara
    Novan Distara
    Pred 7 hodinami

    Forza INTER 🎉🎉🎉

  44. Fresh Jeg
    Fresh Jeg
    Pred 7 hodinami


  45. njn brl:re
    njn brl:re
    Pred 8 hodinami

    Handanovic -I have got hands

    Pred 8 hodinami

    The "ic" derby

  47. Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin
    Pred 8 hodinami

    #Trending Nmr 11 in Indonesia

  48. Roderick Asante
    Roderick Asante
    Pred 8 hodinami

    King luka gets his revenge

  49. able261987
    Pred 8 hodinami

    Forza 1nter 🔵⚫✊

  50. Kerak Liwet
    Kerak Liwet
    Pred 8 hodinami

    Mantap inter👍 sundulan 👍

  51. Antho Forza
    Antho Forza
    Pred 9 hodinami

    Pucuk masih dingin 🥶

  52. Tiziano Sagripanti
    Tiziano Sagripanti
    Pred 9 hodinami

    Handanovic totw

  53. 김상진
    Pred 9 hodinami

    lukaku is wonderful

  54. Ashutosh Misra
    Ashutosh Misra
    Pred 9 hodinami

    3:49, Dormamu escaped the time loop.

  55. Diego Renato Pua
    Diego Renato Pua
    Pred 10 hodinami

    Lukaku vs Zlatan,, ManU Inter vs Inter ManU ..

  56. Mr A
    Mr A
    Pred 10 hodinami

    Forza INTER 🖤💙🖤💙

  57. Wandile Bartman
    Wandile Bartman
    Pred 10 hodinami

    Im glad Lukaku is with Inter, im very happy for him..he found himself, i don't what was happening at Man U

  58. Leon Lim
    Leon Lim
    Pred 10 hodinami

    lukaku is a beast~too strong and that speed,what a goal

  59. Openg Yahya
    Openg Yahya
    Pred 10 hodinami

    Handanovic on fire

  60. JackSparrow7
    Pred 11 hodinami

    Milan ends when Maldini stops football Nesta Roni Pirlo Seedorf etc !

  61. Ryan Tumisang
    Ryan Tumisang
    Pred 11 hodinami

    handanovic is man of the match...if not what ever

  62. Olan Siahaan
    Olan Siahaan
    Pred 11 hodinami

    Forza inter club indonesia 🌑🔵

  63. Shyam Nair
    Shyam Nair
    Pred 12 hodinami


  64. Beet is Daddy
    Beet is Daddy
    Pred 12 hodinami


    Pred 12 hodinami

    Mana ni orang Indonesia yang komen Yuk kumpul di sini

  66. robert david
    robert david
    Pred 12 hodinami


  67. dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo
    Pred 12 hodinami

    Lukaku and Lautaro a deadly combination am so sad we lost to Inter😪

  68. Luka
    Pred 12 hodinami

    Red Star (From Serbia 🇷🇸) win Milan (2:2)17.2.2021 Inter win Milan 3:0 22.2.2021 Red Star (From Serbia 🇷🇸) win Milan 24.2.2021?🤔🤔

  69. Syamsir Alam Phc
    Syamsir Alam Phc
    Pred 12 hodinami


  70. Touhid Islam
    Touhid Islam
    Pred 13 hodinami


    1. dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo
      Pred 12 hodinami

      Lukaku > Ibrahimovic

  71. Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud
    Pred 13 hodinami

    Say what you will about Conte but this man rebuild Inter despite some setbacks this is a top team

  72. Elijah Believe
    Elijah Believe
    Pred 13 hodinami

    Handanovic's reflexes remind me of Neur in his prime

  73. Madina United
    Madina United
    Pred 13 hodinami

    Pred 14 hodinami

    thủ môn bắt ảo vãi lúa

  75. Oscar Nelson
    Oscar Nelson
    Pred 14 hodinami

    It's crazy to realise just how unsafe we were with full stadiums. Imagine all the people close together without masks, hopefully when football returns we learn from this experience and operate at a far lower capacity with social distancing and masks to avoid future pandemics

  76. Davino Vlog
    Davino Vlog
    Pred 14 hodinami

    yeeyy BRAVO INTER..

  77. Respawn Crew
    Respawn Crew
    Pred 14 hodinami

    Inter had wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more chances than what were shown in this vid

  78. Yt Huhuhaha
    Yt Huhuhaha
    Pred 14 hodinami


  79. Ahsan Fuad
    Ahsan Fuad
    Pred 14 hodinami

    Great player lukaku

  80. LTNS XD
    Pred 14 hodinami

    Inter was unstopable that day

  81. Hilal Febrian
    Hilal Febrian
    Pred 14 hodinami

    Handanovic 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Arif riyaldi
    Arif riyaldi
    Pred 14 hodinami

    After Julio cesar, Now handanovic !!!

  83. Lukman Hakim Gafuri
    Lukman Hakim Gafuri
    Pred 14 hodinami

    Forza Inter 💙🖤

  84. T͜͡NR・8Bal͜͡lPool
    Pred 15 hodinami

    handanovic save the day

  85. satria dailylife
    satria dailylife
    Pred 15 hodinami

    Lukaku > Ibrahimovic

  86. ReiyTV
    Pred 15 hodinami

    "Didn't trust his right foot but he trusted Lataro" Powerful

  87. S4NDWICH
    Pred 15 hodinami


  88. Lola Eri
    Lola Eri
    Pred 15 hodinami

    Lukaku is trash

  89. Wesley Rooney Maina
    Wesley Rooney Maina
    Pred 15 hodinami

    Yoh what did Handanovic had for brunch?

  90. chuggggggy
    Pred 15 hodinami

    How is Inter not even at the Europa League? Finished last in their UCL group. So many people thought they were gonna qualify, some experts said Inter and Gladbach were gonna leave out a weakened Real Madrid. Inter completely disappointed beyond words, ending 4th. There is something really wrong with this Inter, I don't trust them winning anything. Knocked out of Coppa by Cristiano Ronaldo, that makes more sense. Probably that's how this Serie A gonna end. Juventus is only not currently first because CR7 missed too many games from covid but there is still time to fix that.

  91. kayu batu
    kayu batu
    Pred 16 hodinami

    Ibrahimovic, you mush be said haha, you team lose in derby Milano i like that

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    Emmanuel Ndu
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      novak kovac
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  93. kayu batu
    kayu batu
    Pred 16 hodinami

    Im really happy ... Ibrahimovic you not strong

  94. Iskandar Mahfuz
    Iskandar Mahfuz
    Pred 16 hodinami

    super handanovic

  95. andrei yulianto
    andrei yulianto
    Pred 16 hodinami

    Akhirnya ada juara baru

  96. Jafar Eza Malape
    Jafar Eza Malape
    Pred 16 hodinami

    Handanovic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  97. mfawwaza
    Pred 16 hodinami


  98. joshua ayiro
    joshua ayiro
    Pred 16 hodinami

  99. akun empat bulan
    akun empat bulan
    Pred 16 hodinami


  100. kudakwashe zvaita
    kudakwashe zvaita
    Pred 17 hodinami

    Lukaku is causing all kinds of problems in there.