1-Hour | Best of Yutaka Yamada: Tokyo Ghoul | 豊やまだの神曲&BGM集

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0:00 Wanderers
3:43 On My Own
7:40 Licht und Schatten
11:56 Aogiri
14:54 AJITO
17:04 Das zweite Kapitel
20:12 Glassy Sky
34:59 Krieg
29:18 Schoper
32:47 Auferstehung
36:54 Symphony
43:51 Dawn
46:02 Sorrow
49:16 AZORA
53:10 Schmetterling
56:23 Alone
Thank's for watching ! Hope you enjoy !
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  1. 「Wind:RISE」
    Pred 2 rokmi

    ♫Tracklist: 0:00 Wanderers 3:43 On My Own 7:40 Licht und Schatten 11:56 Aogiri 14:54 AJITO 17:04 Das zweite Kapitel 20:12 Glassy Sky 34:59 Krieg 29:18 Schoper 32:47 Auferstehung 36:54 Symphony 43:51 Dawn 46:02 Sorrow 49:16 AZORA 53:10 Schmetterling 56:23 Alone

    1. Xghoulz
      Pred 12 dňami

      Most of the ost collection is German

    2. Isabella Flores
      Isabella Flores
      Pred 17 dňami

      Agradecida con el de arriba

    3. AF 2099
      AF 2099
      Pred mesiacom

      cool :)

    4. kid savage
      kid savage
      Pred 6 mesiacmi

      @MacActer I thought glassy sky was a whole 14 min😂

    5. Kiki Animal
      Kiki Animal
      Pred 6 mesiacmi

      @NineDragon why am I?

  2. Echo
    Pred 2 dňami

    I love Tokyo Ghoul. It's literally what made me think eyepatches were actually cool.

  3. David Koks
    David Koks
    Pred 4 dňami

    one love Tokyo Ghoul

  4. ᄒᄒᄒ
    Pred 6 dňami


  5. Shikamaru Baiano
    Shikamaru Baiano
    Pred 6 dňami


  6. Tsuchida
    Pred 9 dňami

    imagine sitting on the top of the high building and watching on tokyo and listening to this mix... *getting chills*

    1. Iron Reaver
      Iron Reaver
      Pred 5 dňami

      I will die crying 😭❤️

  7. vastolord
    Pred 11 dňami


  8. charcharles Lz
    charcharles Lz
    Pred 11 dňami

    why skyrim bg music appear in this list??? ghouls show up in dragon search?

  9. Xghoulz
    Pred 13 dňami

    Kaneki wanted a girlfriend :He got a family 😭❤️

  10. T S
    T S
    Pred 14 dňami

    wonderfully sad and depressing

  11. Nico Blais
    Nico Blais
    Pred 16 dňami

    Just finished the anime but when i see comments of this video, i guess i have to read the manga... And i like this idea cause anime was too short

  12. Jonathan A. Gimenez
    Jonathan A. Gimenez
    Pred 19 dňami

    My favorite part in: 37:36 ♥♥♥

  13. DerpCookie
    Pred 19 dňami


  14. Johnnie Green
    Johnnie Green
    Pred 19 dňami

    How important are you to them, important enough to no longer need to be clam related, cram school is complete an the events to follow are based by the people. The bonding process says it's time.

  15. YATOtv
    Pred 20 dňami

    licht und schatten dude ... those vibes are incredibles, at least for me

  16. divyang varma
    divyang varma
    Pred mesiacom

    i had some personal life problems, and i couldnt sleep even with help of pills. after 20 days of intense headache and hulisination I found the track luchi and schatten..after hearing it for few hours I finally managed to take 2days of sleep. you can say I escaped death...thanks to this violin music. god may not be real but power of music is real

    1. Tsuchida
      Pred 9 dňami

      lol faq

  17. Rebecca Chapman
    Rebecca Chapman
    Pred mesiacom

    34:50-36:50 Chills everywhere!

  18. a l e '
    a l e '
    Pred mesiacom

    32:48 Auferstehung*

    1. a l e '
      a l e '
      Pred mesiacom


  19. idfk anymore
    idfk anymore
    Pred mesiacom

    Alone is so fucking underrated though, wanderers, on my own, and glassy sky gets the hype they deserve, but alone doesnt get shit lmao

  20. Juan Miguel Vega
    Juan Miguel Vega
    Pred mesiacom

    Yutada Yamada: "No, I don't have a favorite song" *everyone leaves* Yutada: "It's definitely you glassy sky"

  21. thegreat one
    thegreat one
    Pred mesiacom

    Either on my own or glassy sky is the move for myself

  22. Animus Technical
    Animus Technical
    Pred mesiacom

    Thanks. What a nice music♥ Please my friend or anyone else who can help me. I want the full name of the music that starts at the minute 34:59 is necessary. I liked it, but I did not find it.😔🔥😓

    1. Gala Bloc
      Gala Bloc
      Pred mesiacom

      @Animus Technical The one just between it & Starry sky is Auferstehung

    2. Animus Technical
      Animus Technical
      Pred mesiacom

      @Gala Bloc Well ... thank you!

    3. Gala Bloc
      Gala Bloc
      Pred mesiacom

      Schmetterling, Looked everywhere too but didn't find the exact one.

  23. Joseph Arrington
    Joseph Arrington
    Pred mesiacom

    why are the 2 tracks after glassy sky unmarked???

  24. Tristan
    Pred mesiacom

    Licht und Schtatten + Remembering =

  25. Hamad Hussain
    Hamad Hussain
    Pred mesiacom

    Krieg suits Dark Knight Trilogy

  26. M Patel
    M Patel
    Pred mesiacom

    Why do I not remember "on my own"? When was it played in the anime?

  27. Game Job
    Game Job
    Pred mesiacom

    This makes me want to watch season 1 and the last season again....yeah I would just skip the seasons in between except the kenaki and touka moments even though there were few in seasons 2 and 3

  28. Farhanking7864
    Pred mesiacom

    34:35, when I heard this I was fucking blown away. Kaneki saves Hide

  29. d1fferen7
    Pred mesiacom

    Love Tokyo Ghoul!

  30. V SONG
    V SONG
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    bro this pic is on my wallpaper and i was like tf is my pc doing here lol

  31. Timestamp Terry
    Timestamp Terry
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    underrated anime

    1. Timestamp Terry
      Timestamp Terry
      Pred mesiacom

      @niam mohammad pogchampionship

    2. niam mohammad
      niam mohammad
      Pred mesiacom

      Your profile picture looks a lot like xQc.

  32. Creeperrobot
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    where did you get the first image from?

  33. Nikita Dark
    Nikita Dark
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    Tokyo Ghoul you're talking about good morning please excuse Kaneki ken yeah okay thanks you 🖤☺️😢

  34. Shady Goat
    Shady Goat
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    39:04 just reminds me of charly and chocolate factory idk why

  35. Geo G
    Geo G
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    I like the anime series, but if there's going to be a reboot, there should be an OVA for both Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul Re. Like Hellsing Ultimate, the OVA needs/should have a lot of details from the manga, no skipping, and no rush at all. However, I still like the anime, which got me into the entire series.

  36. Joaquín Braun
    Joaquín Braun
    Pred 2 mesiacmi


  37. Maelys Maziere
    Maelys Maziere
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    As a reader of the manga, I think they screwed up the anime on some important points but to be honest, I can't bring myself to totally dislike it because Tokyo ghoul surely has some of the best soundtracks in the world, not kidding. Even after watching the entire anime a few years ago, I can't help but still listen to these beautiful songs today. I will never forget them, and I will never get tired of listening to them.

    1. DerpCookie
      Pred 10 dňami

      WOOO TOKYO GHOUL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. W711
      Pred 10 dňami

      I hope that it someday get's the adaptation it deserves... I hope that some truly passionate and devoted writers come together and write an adaptation in supervision of Ishida the man himself, that stays as true to og content as possible. It is surely one of the best manga ever written. And it is possible, one good example is Re:Zero which all tho in it's origin was a web-novel, is a damn example of how content should be adapted. Just goes to show the result of og author closely supervising the entire process, as well as having writers that actually care for it. I wish TG:re was adapted by White Fox.

    3. DerpCookie
      Pred 19 dňami


    4. Roast Police
      Roast Police
      Pred 23 dňami

      "As someone who wants you to know I did this thing, and am letting you know I did this thing to feel validated, and am writing over double more than I need to because I really want you to know I did this thing so you can validate me, I think x thing"

    5. Look Behind You
      Look Behind You
      Pred 27 dňami

      @Shuro lol true

  38. YO SA
    YO SA
    Pred 3 mesiacmi


  39. Ryujin
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    Yutaka Yamada is amazing!! Also behind the OST from Vinland Saga!!

  40. Wohltäter
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    Isnt his left eye the ghoul eye?

  41. marc schellenberg
    marc schellenberg
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    The link to the picture isn`t there in your subscription, you forgot to share the link.

  42. RkZ _
    RkZ _
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    Reading Kaneki vs Arima with Licht & schatten... whole different world experience

  43. Dewi HR
    Dewi HR
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    saiko 😎😎😎

  44. Gadianton
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    is the manga better than the anime? the last season was so terrible

    1. Sr Pan
      Sr Pan
      Pred 2 mesiacmi

      Yes, the manga is the best

  45. 0 10
    0 10
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    1:00:25 skip adds

  46. Devilhanzo
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    if i get another ad in between the 2 songs i've listened to i'm done with this vid lol..

  47. Umut Ozturk
    Umut Ozturk
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    these songs remind me of touka-chan :( she so cute

  48. maria gutierrez
    maria gutierrez
    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    i like tokyo ghoul alot it is my favorite

  49. くむ
    Pred 4 mesiacmi


  50. Theodore Liu
    Theodore Liu
    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    This convinced me to watch tokyo ghoul

  51. Cacao70% Chocolate
    Cacao70% Chocolate
    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    Glassy Sky is special...

  52. Sultan al ali
    Sultan al ali
    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    Man these songs are just nostalgic. Even though I read the manga, to me season 2 of the anime was an unforgettable experience..... it was a masterpiece.

    1. Bonobo got boner
      Bonobo got boner
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      true true

  53. Rowan Wilson
    Rowan Wilson
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    does listening to this while reading it make :re any better? no. am i reading it anyway? possibly yes

  54. Marek Štangl
    Marek Štangl
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    The 62 people who disliked this don't know what music is

  55. Emil Hrenka
    Emil Hrenka
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    Rest in peace Kissanime.ru

  56. alter buct
    alter buct
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    I loved the picture how can I get this?

  57. ET Figure
    ET Figure
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    Can someone please tell me what song is it for 25:00 T_T

    1. ET Figure
      ET Figure
      Pred 2 mesiacmi

      @fromage nah I found it it’s the battle song for raiding

    2. fromage
      Pred 2 mesiacmi

      Glassy Sky?

  58. BeingNingen
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    Kinda bugging me that its the wrong eye ;-;

  59. Ayush Yadav
    Ayush Yadav
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    Glassy sky is my favourite

  60. Sergio Delgado
    Sergio Delgado
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    The reason because I saw the anime was Licht and Shatten, lmao. Even without having seen the anime, I had noticed it was a beautiful song

  61. Foxy White
    Foxy White
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    25:00 ABSOLUTELY EPIC!!! May the RAId begin!

  62. _Ethereality_
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    They need to remake the anime and actually include everything in the manga cuz they cut and skipped a lot of stuff that was originally in the manga from the anime

    1. Razvan IDG
      Razvan IDG
      Pred 5 mesiacmi

      @TaNjA Carmel they skipped almost half of the manga.. i would have lost it if they were going to skip the sex scene because that was so powerful..

    2. _Ethereality_
      Pred 5 mesiacmi

      @TaNjA Carmel that’s a perfect example

    3. TaNjA Carmel
      TaNjA Carmel
      Pred 5 mesiacmi

      Yeah, I was kinda pissed on how they skipped Mutsuki's character arc.

  63. Warrior
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    8:09 Ken : Dont mind if i ask you whats your name Amon.: Amon Kotaro Amon *What a beautiful fight*

    1. Tornupto
      Pred 21 dňom

      "nice to meet you, Monk Otaro"

    2. niam mohammad
      niam mohammad
      Pred mesiacom

      It's actually 10:43.

    3. Aspxct Light
      Aspxct Light
      Pred 2 mesiacmi

      "If only we had met some other way, I would have enjoyed a long talk with you"

    4. Ernol Dawnbringer
      Ernol Dawnbringer
      Pred 3 mesiacmi

      only if tokyo ghoul re soundtrack was this good

    5. The Oblivion
      The Oblivion
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      what a beautiful duwang

  64. Hedya惠
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    My goosebumps...

  65. The Anime Nerd
    The Anime Nerd
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    I wish there was a faithful anime with these osts.ah wht a show it would be.

    1. Failure
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      Every anime has thr OST itself. But i reccomend u to watch Great Pretender and Zankyou no Terror. Those anime has great musical composition like TG, some vocal track (ofc english and some different languange), and good story too.

  66. eertikrux
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    38:50 sounds like Halloween music (I literally made this comment after Halloween day, it’s like I’m late for every major events now)

  67. Kaneki
    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    he joined aogiri to keep an eye on them from the inside while also getting more powerful. if they ever hurt his friends or showed any evidence they were intending to, he would've destroyed it. Also, I feel like join aogiri was very significant after that talk with rize in his mind while being tortured by Jason saying that he has to begin to fight to protect what he loves. So he makes the choice to leave the cafe which is surrounded by people he loves and they tend to passive most of the time. Joining aogiri wasn't a bad idea it's pretty much being closer to the enemy which is safer so you know their moves, etc.

    1. Huraira Riaz
      Huraira Riaz
      Pred 2 mesiacmi

      Yeah the manga made more sense becuz according to it Kaneki made a gang with Banjo and Tsukiyama and they were looking for Dr Kano so that they could find Rize which they did

    2. TaNjA Carmel
      TaNjA Carmel
      Pred 5 mesiacmi

      Except none of that really happened. Root A was a let down. Kaneki never joined Aogiri Tree. I wish the anime would've followed the manga

  68. GTVastSuperNova
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Season 1 is beautiful season 2 is action packed season 3 is a complete failure

    1. Jacob Petersen
      Jacob Petersen
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      @GTVastSuperNova Do you lack reading comprehension or something? You do realize I said they were bad right? Season 2 is just also really bad

    2. GTVastSuperNova
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      @Jacob Petersen it's quite hard to distinguish season 3+4 and cancer hard to tell the difference

    3. Jacob Petersen
      Jacob Petersen
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      @GTVastSuperNova lmao. In season Root A kaneki literally did something he stated clearly in the source material he would never do. Imagine thinking that's good writing

    4. GTVastSuperNova
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      @Jacob Petersen it's ok to be wrong im not upset u have poor taste

    5. Jacob Petersen
      Jacob Petersen
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      Root A was a piece of shit that had characters do shit they would never do, skipped on of the most important plot points in the show and all for a shitty anime only ending. Re is 179 chapters in 24 episodes. that's like 3-4 times faster than the average adaptation. Dropped it real fast, but theres no way its not shit

  69. Mohams !
    Mohams !
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    alone is the best by far

  70. New Times Roman
    New Times Roman
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    picture link?

  71. Rita Latona
    Rita Latona
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Dio porco

  72. Final Blox
    Final Blox
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Out of all of this does anyone else think that 2:00 is just perfection to sum up tokyo ghoul?

  73. 제정민
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    명작 역시 좋은 노래여

  74. GamerTron 91225
    GamerTron 91225
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    39:15 sound like something from a blockbuster movie

  75. Yojan Valle
    Yojan Valle
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    and u call this song good go listen to glassy sky its way better

  76. El_de todo negreó
    El_de todo negreó
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    I wish I wish I had a second cup of coffee

  77. Emiya Kiritsugu
    Emiya Kiritsugu
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Can’t believe this manga is done and anime is also done time flies so fast

  78. Mayke Tysoon
    Mayke Tysoon
    Pred 6 mesiacmi


  79. 킁캉쓰
    Pred 6 mesiacmi


    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    this is confusing the freak out of me what the freak happened

    Pred 6 mesiacmi


    Pred 6 mesiacmi


    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    me watching this makes me thing am i watching my relfection come on

  84. xMzrgxn
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    I don't watch anime, but I admire the person who chose this soundtrack

  85. ISAMA
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Wanna know a secret, buy the manga and while u read it listen to this video. Your welcome.

    1. W711
      Pred 10 dňami

      LOL that was exactly the first thought that crossed my mind when I started reading it

    2. The Anime Nerd
      The Anime Nerd
      Pred mesiacom

      @Johnny Silverdick the others are as well.s2 even went original.

    3. Carlos Daniel Calderón Montoya
      Carlos Daniel Calderón Montoya
      Pred mesiacom

      @Johnny Silverdick I can imagine🤔, compressing 179 manga chapters into 24 must be great xD Still, there is no way the first anime could have done justice to the manga with just 24 episodes.

    4. Johnny Silverdick
      Johnny Silverdick
      Pred mesiacom

      @Carlos Daniel Calderón Montoya only re is shit buddy

    5. Johnny Silverdick
      Johnny Silverdick
      Pred mesiacom

      @The Anime Nerd only re

  86. عبدالله
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    tokyo ghoul 😍

  87. Roberto Cantoni
    Roberto Cantoni
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Does anyone know the title of the piano track that plays during the battle between Kaneki and Shachi in Cochlea in √A and during the fight between Kaneki and Eto in :re?

  88. 涙愛
    Pred 6 mesiacmi


  89. Amara Udeh
    Amara Udeh
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    7:40 that’s the only song that can make that tightness in my chest like I was legit having trouble breathing kind of that closed off airway feeling that you get when your favorite teacher yelled at you as a kid you know but anyway this song is beautiful and actually effects me physically that goes to show you how wonderful this soundtrack is

    1. Utkarsh Gupta
      Utkarsh Gupta
      Pred mesiacom

      @Arsh Singh Me too!

    2. Arsh Singh
      Arsh Singh
      Pred 4 mesiacmi

      i completely agree

    3. Emil Hrenka
      Emil Hrenka
      Pred 5 mesiacmi


    4. Strife5.7
      Pred 6 mesiacmi

      Indeed. The feeling this song gives is truly beautiful

  90. Dean Nelson
    Dean Nelson
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    No one has ever explained it to you or you don’t know what it represents

  91. Sheit
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Licht and schatten is the best

  92. Арсений Кушнарев
    Арсений Кушнарев
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    где ощихитео???

  93. Blackomega 89
    Blackomega 89
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    all the song writers should get awards for there creation they are all so nice

  94. ピース
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    I like this way of subtitles♪♪

  95. Moisés MJ Drawing
    Moisés MJ Drawing
    Pred 6 mesiacmi


  96. Jonathan Malvin
    Jonathan Malvin
    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    this is what i exactly need for now! :D

  97. Legendary Chink God
    Legendary Chink God
    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    Shouldn't it be on his other eye? lol

    1. AndresMT2
      Pred 2 mesiacmi

      i guess is just so you can see the ghoul eye. Like to have more impact the art i guess..

    2. Juan Diaz
      Juan Diaz
      Pred 5 mesiacmi

      unnoficial art

    3. Serathiel
      Pred 6 mesiacmi

      i think the image is flipped

  98. Alek
    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    foda pra garaio

  99. kiralexart
    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    the first song is when hide dies :(((

    1. Sushánt Aryál
      Sushánt Aryál
      Pred 6 mesiacmi

      let me spoil you. he's alive

  100. Briana Grootboom
    Briana Grootboom
    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    7 :40 😭😭 It's the first time me hearing it And let me tell you I can feel life in a different light. Anime is life If yall don't like or know anime you haven't lived 👏 The soundtracks are made for you to express and feel the the music 😍❤️ Well done