The Secret Boo Laugh Reproduced in Super Mario 64

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I was trying to reproduce the secret boo laugh, and got it.
This was done on Mupen64-rr while creating a "TAS" movie, that way you experts can analyze what's happening in RAM and stuff to try to figure out why it happens.
While I was trying to reproduce the laugh, I decided to turn the music off using STROOP to make it easier to hear when it does happen. After reproducing it in a TAS, I realized that if I playback the TAS with music on, the laugh won't happen for some reason (even though it's been heard without any modifications in the past).
So if you playback this TAS yourself, make sure to turn the music off using STROOP I guess. lol
TAS file:


  1. NintenQuendo
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    That scares me a lot :'''(

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    This is possible in the original N64 copy, but it's hard doing so. But that laugh you heard is Charles Martinet laughing from an old stock recording before this game, done a bit slower.

  3. Bruno Guilherme
    Bruno Guilherme
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  4. Drogie's N64 Videos
    Drogie's N64 Videos
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    Tabascoth sent me here :D

  5. Tabascoth
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    cool! finally some good footage of this glitch.

  6. Alessandro Montrone
    Alessandro Montrone
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    This is what I call the best childhood any children can have 🍉

  7. RSw
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    oh nice