Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (Album Demo)

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I don't own anything shown in the video except the cover art, which was made by me.
1. Born To Die
2. Blue Jeans
3. Video Games
4. Diet Mountain Dew
5. National Anthem
6. Dark Paradise
7. Carmen
8. Radio
9. Million Dollar Man
10. Summertime Sadness
11. This Is What Makes Us Girls
12. Lolita
13. Lucky Ones


  1. Riley Carpentier
    Riley Carpentier
    Pred 2 mesiacmi

    i never thought this would blow up 7 months later lol. luv yall

    1. Carlos Donizete
      Carlos Donizete
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    2. Vanessa What
      Vanessa What
      Pred mesiacom

      Does doing this bring you income? If so, I need to do something like this. I have so much concert footage of all the concerts I’ve gone to.

    3. Just Young
      Just Young
      Pred mesiacom

      @Madellyn Pineda thank you

    4. Just Young
      Just Young
      Pred mesiacom

      thank you

    5. Cameron M
      Cameron M
      Pred 2 mesiacmi

      Love you 💕

  2. Fabián Colín
    Fabián Colín
    Pred 23 hodinami

    This is what make us girls makes me wanan cry u_u. Powerful...

  3. tazia o
    tazia o
    Pred dňom

    as always, yall are sleeping on radio AGAIN

  4. Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson
    Pred 2 dňami

    I am obsessed with this amazingly talented woman 😍 and how she puts words to music and makes it sound 🤔 so thought provocative and wow 😲 you can always kinda depict a part of your own life 🙄 give or take a couple of emojis 🤣 here or there ☺️ she is a legend ❤️👊

  5. tazia o
    tazia o
    Pred 4 dňami

    national anthem reminds me of prom song gone wrong

  6. torba
    Pred 5 dňami

    My fav part 0:00 - 47:10 ))0

  7. Matias Guerrero
    Matias Guerrero
    Pred 8 dňami

    where can i download?

  8. Hans Bollen
    Hans Bollen
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  9. Amanda Agatha
    Amanda Agatha
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  10. JoJo JUNIOR
    Pred 11 dňami

    Thanks, thanks, thanks! This is amazing✨

  11. Lana Del Rey Instrumentals
    Lana Del Rey Instrumentals
    Pred 12 dňami

    i love the diet mountain dew demo so much

  12. Lana Del Rey's Whore
    Lana Del Rey's Whore
    Pred 15 dňami

    The ads on this video are getting mad... they interrupt at the best parts.

    1. Riley Carpentier
      Riley Carpentier
      Pred 15 dňami

      youtube added it by itself and i h8 it😭

  13. FerchoDelgaRams 2907
    FerchoDelgaRams 2907
    Pred 16 dňami

    Diet Montain Dew it's so fucking amazing, better than studio version

  14. Anastasia Tatianou
    Anastasia Tatianou
    Pred 17 dňami

    Dark Paradise slaps

  15. FerchoDelgaRams 2907
    FerchoDelgaRams 2907
    Pred 19 dňami

    I love National Anthem final version, but this demo is perfection

  16. Tom Storm
    Tom Storm
    Pred 20 dňami


  17. vicky pp
    vicky pp
    Pred 22 dňami

    lana is the QUEEN.

  18. SeaTea
    Pred 25 dňami

    Summertime Sadness is really the demo? Or a remix?

  19. Mariana Valpasso
    Mariana Valpasso
    Pred 25 dňami

    Carmen 🌹 it’s like an inocente version of Carmen

  20. Cristobal Zaldivia
    Cristobal Zaldivia
    Pred 28 dňami

    Wait a minute your channel photo is poppy?

    1. Riley Carpentier
      Riley Carpentier
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  21. cxhen
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  22. Gwen
    Pred mesiacom

    This is just a piece of heaven. What a masterpiece.

  23. Лариса Могильницкая
    Лариса Могильницкая
    Pred mesiacom

    Это-Космос!!!!! На многие ,многие года!!!!!!

  24. Marina L
    Marina L
    Pred mesiacom

    dark paradise is so good !!

  25. Flower Bed
    Flower Bed
    Pred mesiacom

    I've been listening to this for sometime now, and I actually enjoy this more than the original.

  26. Marcel Terese
    Marcel Terese
    Pred mesiacom

    this is what makes us girls demo literally makes me daydream

  27. Hồ Nhật Hồng
    Hồ Nhật Hồng
    Pred mesiacom

    Diet Mtn Dew, National Anthem and Dark Paradise honestly need their own album, the best trio.

  28. rotg20
    Pred mesiacom

    I feel sad for the people who didn't make it to "This is what makes us girls".

    1. Flower Bed
      Flower Bed
      Pred mesiacom

      Lucky ones too

  29. Jennifer L.
    Jennifer L.
    Pred mesiacom

    ✨Diet mountain dew's demo is even better than the final version✨ It's like a chill hop version

  30. Kurnia Wati
    Kurnia Wati
    Pred mesiacom

    Omg ..i fall in love with this ..

  31. Lu Noi
    Lu Noi
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  32. Ixchel
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  33. Dau Chi
    Dau Chi
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  34. Anh Lan
    Anh Lan
    Pred mesiacom

    Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  35. Waltraud Buchowski
    Waltraud Buchowski
    Pred mesiacom

    00:00 Born To Die 04:21 Blue Jeans 06:39 Video Games 10:30 Diet Mountain Dew 14:11 National Anthem 17:44 Dark Paradise 20:10 Carmen 24:22 Radio 27:54 Million Dollar Man 31:32 Summertime Sadness 31:43 This Is What Makes Us Girls 39:48Lolita 43:23 Lucky Ones I should be learning math right now lol.

    1. Adam Hulek
      Adam Hulek
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      Pred mesiacom

      gracias jeje

  36. Anh Lan
    Anh Lan
    Pred mesiacom

    Is my is my mother goose club out.

  37. ContentMusic
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    Whoever is reading this right now… we will probably never meet but I wish you all the best in your life! Some things could be very problematic due to the current situation, but keep fighting for your goals and dreams! You can do anything you want! Have a nice day!❤️

    1. R0151N M
      R0151N M
      Pred 29 dňami

      😘 you too

    2. ContentMusic
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      @FearTv hosted by Franky D`miedo Thank you! Have a terrific week as well! :)

    3. FearTv hosted by Franky D`miedo
      FearTv hosted by Franky D`miedo
      Pred mesiacom

      Thanks, you too. Have a terrific week :)

  38. Hu Huy
    Hu Huy
    Pred mesiacom

    i love u .

  39. Muon Kiem
    Muon Kiem
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  40. Vu Chu
    Vu Chu
    Pred mesiacom

    I love u girl

  41. Rose Ribeiro
    Rose Ribeiro
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    Amo esse música pqp

  42. Kien Mien
    Kien Mien
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  43. Richard Montenegro
    Richard Montenegro
    Pred mesiacom

    Este album de demos da una vibra más chill

  44. Gimp Brother
    Gimp Brother
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  45. Raquel Aurilia
    Raquel Aurilia
    Pred mesiacom

    Thanks for posting! If you have a minute, I posted a cover of Billie Eilish. As a fellow music fan, I'd love if you would take a listen. It's on my channel. Hope you like it!

  46. Parobek Pracuję dla CLADOSPORIUMA
    Parobek Pracuję dla CLADOSPORIUMA
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  47. nicolas vera
    nicolas vera
    Pred mesiacom

    Is it normal that i like the demos way more

  48. Fernando Lopez
    Fernando Lopez
    Pred mesiacom

    35:44 This is what make us girls... Oh this vesion is wonderful!

  49. Lana Diamandis
    Lana Diamandis
    Pred mesiacom

    this is absolutely amazing - the guitars, the bass i can't decide which version of the album I like better honestly

  50. Catalina Berrios
    Catalina Berrios
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  51. D U V A C H
    D U V A C H
    Pred mesiacom

    beautiful voice ...

  52. Nayara
    Pred mesiacom

    dark paradise ooowww Lana perfeita em qualquer situação!

  53. Nikerz 1728
    Nikerz 1728
    Pred mesiacom

    Born to die for Covid-19 (Commi Virus 2019)

  54. Rex Burgess
    Rex Burgess
    Pred mesiacom

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

  55. Alice Enigma
    Alice Enigma
    Pred mesiacom

    Could you provide time stamps in the description?

    1. Stijn Blom
      Stijn Blom
      Pred mesiacom

      0:01 Born to die 4:21 Blue Jeans 6:39 Video Games 10:30 Diet Mountain Dew 14:11 National Anthem 17:44 Dark Paradise 20:10 Carmen 24:22 Radio 27:54 Million Dollar Man 31:32 Summertime Sadness 35:44 This is what make us girls 39:48 Lolita

  56. muhammet akdağ
    muhammet akdağ
    Pred mesiacom

    haştayım şana lana

  57. Firaya Muslim
    Firaya Muslim
    Pred mesiacom

    Я вас люблю и ваши песни

  58. Al
    Pred mesiacom

    Ive been listening to the official album since it’s release and I was wondering why Without You isn’t here... turns out it’s a bonus track and I honestly had no idea all this time. It’s always my favorite, so it not being on the standard kind of blows my mind.

  59. Katherine Wang
    Katherine Wang
    Pred mesiacom

    She makes my cry even I'm not broken heart!

    1. Escape
      Pred mesiacom

      she makes me feel like im depressed oh wait i am

  60. Tafadzwa Lote
    Tafadzwa Lote
    Pred mesiacom

    drop a heart if youre listening to BTD in 2021

    1. Tafadzwa Lote
      Tafadzwa Lote
      Pred mesiacom

      @Philip Hoyle for me it’s solace , I love Lana she’s soo good

    2. Philip Hoyle
      Philip Hoyle
      Pred mesiacom

      It kinda brings back some intense memories for me.

    3. Al
      Pred mesiacom


  61. Jordan JJ
    Jordan JJ
    Pred mesiacom

    “I never thought this would blow Up love y’all” Adds a f*cking Ad after every single god damn song.

    1. Trang Nguyen
      Trang Nguyen
      Pred mesiacom

      use adblock, i havent seen any ad

  62. Andre Adorno
    Andre Adorno
    Pred mesiacom

    princess Lana love....

  63. Emir Kıvrak
    Emir Kıvrak
    Pred mesiacom

    İm listening lana for 11 years now. This is the best demo i have ever seen.

    1. Karya Jeneratör
      Karya Jeneratör
      Pred mesiacom

      Same thing

    2. Baron Quiroga
      Baron Quiroga
      Pred mesiacom

      Fr 🤘🏼

  64. David Archer
    David Archer
    Pred mesiacom

    this is what makes us girls is better than the original lmao

  65. Denise Fields
    Denise Fields
    Pred mesiacom

    Lana Del Rey born to die

  66. yeet yeet
    yeet yeet
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    1. Dora Hehe
      Dora Hehe
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  67. Rimi Tlgrf
    Rimi Tlgrf
    Pred mesiacom

    Forever Lana this is medicine

  68. ☽ аиаѕтаsіa ☾
    ☽ аиаѕтаsіa ☾
    Pred mesiacom

    Jesus christ this is so fucking good I love how I can enjoy Lana's older album in a way that's completely new and unique to me And some of these songs...I can't decide whether I prefer the demo version or the studio version! These are so good

  69. Ms. Terry
    Ms. Terry
    Pred mesiacom

    Repent bitch.

  70. 53
    Pred mesiacom

    asdkjasjssjjs sdksdksdkdskdskksdsdksd s - LANA'S UNRELEASED SONGS: -Backfire -Back to the basics -Yes to heaven -Kill kill -Fine china -You can be the boss -Cherry blossom -Color blue -Living legend -Angels forever -Your girl -Last girl on earth -Chelsea hotel no. 2 -Put me in a movie -Serial killer -Party girl (st. tropez) -Is it wrong ......

  71. Dario Celio
    Dario Celio
    Pred mesiacom

    The fact that I’m listening to this at 2:24am is a sign that I was born to listen to this. WOW. I am in love. Holy cow. NATIONAL ANTHEM IN THIS STYLE S L A P S.

    1. Sab E
      Sab E
      Pred mesiacom

      I’m listening at 2:24 too omg as I read this comment it turned 2:24. A sign from the universe

  72. Monica Kinney
    Monica Kinney
    Pred mesiacom

    How did you find this?? Thanks for sharing!!

  73. ВЕЧЕР ЕЗ live
    ВЕЧЕР ЕЗ live
    Pred mesiacom


  74. Udyog Khadka
    Udyog Khadka
    Pred mesiacom

    Hi sister we are really happy for your beautiful songs.

  75. Евгений Юрченко
    Евгений Юрченко
    Pred mesiacom

    какая же она охуенная!

  76. Montse Santiago
    Montse Santiago
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  77. Amsyar Sabri
    Amsyar Sabri
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  78. Ada Donnelly
    Ada Donnelly
    Pred mesiacom

    Which Lolita is this?

  79. Celeste Lupo
    Celeste Lupo
    Pred mesiacom

    Does anybody knows if it is on spotify?? I NEED IT

    1. vulture
      Pred mesiacom

      There are no unreleased songs on spotify sadly:(

  80. Amanda Botterill
    Amanda Botterill
    Pred mesiacom

    never known an artist in recent years sing so well and smashing whole albums without a shit song i luv lana xxxx

  81. Can I have my pizza please? Where's my pizza?
    Can I have my pizza please? Where's my pizza?
    Pred mesiacom

    Lolita somehow sounds more sinister

  82. Toàn Vũ
    Toàn Vũ
    Pred mesiacom

    omg this national anthemn is freaking good

  83. Ale Espinoza Poma
    Ale Espinoza Poma
    Pred mesiacom

    Esto fue una salvacion para mi porque no podia escucharla debido a que todo los demas discos los escuche con mi novia pero bueno ahora se fue y pues no podia escucharla pero al encontrar esta version, encontre una falla en la matrix. Queen Forever

  84. N MM
    N MM
    Pred mesiacom

    Well the demos are better than the album versions 🤔

  85. Wt74 Qwerty
    Wt74 Qwerty
    Pred mesiacom

    Спасибо большое за творчество и голос:)

  86. Jared DeOliveira
    Jared DeOliveira
    Pred mesiacom

    Woah, listen to Lolita dude

  87. JiT SHAWTY
    Pred mesiacom

    that diet mountain dew demo ToT

  88. Power G
    Power G
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  89. Rob Lee
    Rob Lee
    Pred mesiacom

    Sounds great

  90. Eleonore Lance
    Eleonore Lance
    Pred mesiacom

    Wow, I've never heard Video Games as beautiful as this.

    1. FerchoDelgaRams 2907
      FerchoDelgaRams 2907
      Pred 16 dňami


  91. Suzan Akyuz
    Suzan Akyuz
    Pred mesiacom

    This is the Lana I love.

  92. Agus Lops
    Agus Lops
    Pred mesiacom

    why this has dislikes? like really?

  93. Marijke Amado
    Marijke Amado
    Pred mesiacom

    i'm listening to Born to Die since 2013 and yet this demo album hits me like a fresh waterfall

  94. Sasha
    Pred mesiacom

    national anthem makes me feel like I'm new york bi!ch

  95. kajal kuki patwari
    kajal kuki patwari
    Pred mesiacom

    What happened to dark paradise?!!

  96. Cry Star
    Cry Star
    Pred mesiacom

    Lana sen insan değilsin.

  97. Meccarox
    Pred mesiacom

    The Lucky Ones demo is superior.

  98. Drew R
    Drew R
    Pred mesiacom

    :O Oh no! Even the demos were amazing. This album really was one for the decade.

  99. Leo Loverbeck
    Leo Loverbeck
    Pred mesiacom

    I remember listening to most of these demos back in 2011 before BTD release and getting kinda frustrated with This is what makes us girls and diet moutain dew album versions, lolita too (but it was another demo at the time, less indian and more rockish). But I also love BTD production, is a very round album, all the songs are conected with the same aesthetic, all her albums are, especially Ultraviolence (a little pedantic, but still a masterpiece in my opinion).

  100. DomVanquish
    Pred mesiacom