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  1. loop
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    I was receiving lots of hate massages by emails and still receiving but seeing this comment box I am really emotional there are only love for me support for me I can not ignore this also now doesn't matter how many hate emails I'm receiving, doesn't matter how many people are forcing me for deleting this video, I am not going to delete this video thank you guys for supporting me and giving me love sending you all my heart ❤ Don't forget to subscribe :)) for supporting

    1. Kelly Anne
      Kelly Anne
      Pred mesiacom

      we love you ^w^

    2. GrumpyCrumpet
      Pred mesiacom

      I'm very happy you've shared this compilation. During a particularly stressful week, this has really helped me to unwind and turn my mind to writing. Getting hate for this is like getting grief for bringing cake to school and sharing it with the class. So ignore the haters - and thanks for the cake.🍰

    3. Khalidah Goh
      Khalidah Goh
      Pred mesiacom

      Thank you for this compilation!

    4. lana
      Pred mesiacom

      please ignore them, i always come back to this video whenever im doing school work or i'm upset. this has helped me through a lot, tysm

    5. Wallis Brown
      Wallis Brown
      Pred mesiacom

      I don't know how anyone could send hate over a video like this. know that there are more people that LOVE what you're doing! :)

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    Animation Mann
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    Hello, I am here again for study for math. thank you for this music.

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    Oh? You’re a Ghibli fan? Name every Ghibli Movie,

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  21. Gita Prameswari
    Gita Prameswari
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  33. 재벌girl
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    One of the reason I usually search for some like instrumental music, is because there's so many people would give such a heart warming, motivation, and touching comments! And it did give me such an emotional feeling:(( but also calming me up:(( I don't know how music can really unite 1 person to others, it's kinda magical when we have someone that can understand our situation and not judging us. I don't who and where you are, but for those, kind people and anyone, may god bless your life and may your days be filled with joy, success, and happiness!^^

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    Franco Cousins
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  42. Lifeu is Sleep
    Lifeu is Sleep
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    I just finished watch spirited away and the movie made me believe in soulmate ")

  43. Angela Regodo
    Angela Regodo
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  45. Tasnim_ LittleGirl
    Tasnim_ LittleGirl
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  46. Tasnim_ LittleGirl
    Tasnim_ LittleGirl
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  47. Paola Rodriguez
    Paola Rodriguez
    Pred mesiacom

    Can someone please tell me the name of the songs?): 37:03 42:21

    1. Hoa Hồng
      Hoa Hồng
      Pred mesiacom

      37:03 Summer of farewell

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    Isaac Heisenski
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  70. Braeden Crow
    Braeden Crow
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    this is so beautiful, I grew up watching studio ghibli, so all these songs bring back so much nostalgia, thank you so much for posting this

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    Marcus Danchision
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  82. tart
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    Not sure if there's already a timestamp but here; 0:00 - My Neighbor Totoro 5:22 - Howl's Moving Castle 10:49 - Spirited Away 16:21 - Castle in the Sky 21:46 - Spirited Away 27:36 - Kiki's Delivery Service 32:15 - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 37:02 - From Up On Poppy Hill 42:19 - Princess Mononoke 43:56 - The Secret World of Arrietty 48:45 - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind 52:59 - Tales from Earthsea 58:18 - Kiki's Delivery Service 1:03:06 - Whisper of the Heart 1:08:45 - My Neighbor Totoro 1:13:27 - Kiki's Delivery Service 1:18:48 - Porco Rosso 1:24:30 - My Neighbor Totoro 1:28:51 - Ponyo 1:32:36 - Spirited Away

    1. Mariam Mdm
      Mariam Mdm
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    2. Johanna Knakal
      Johanna Knakal
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      Thank you sooooo much!

    3. Juliana Delgado
      Juliana Delgado
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    Kylie Is a Hazard
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  85. Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia
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    When I was younger, I always loved reading books. Although we weren't the richest family out there, my dad always spent so much money buying me books. My mom would get mad at him because some books he bought were hundreds of dollars. But he always insisted. One day, I asked him where he would buy all these books for me. He told me he bought it at a bookstore. He asked if I wanted to check it out. Of course, I was delighted and followed him to the bookstore downtown. It was so nice in there. They always played studio ghibli music. I remember so many songs from there. I spent so many hours looking at books, that when the music looped, I remembered it. Fast forward 6 years, I am my age. 2020, the year of terror. I woke up, on one day. My dad looked at me and told me that the bookstore shut down because nobody could go there. I was so sad. Now, I just come here to listen to the music I heard there. Thanks for giving me back old memories.

    1. Biba Butzemann
      Biba Butzemann
      Pred mesiacom

      why did you copy the original comment? for youtube likes? com on..

  86. Juana Leguizamón uWu
    Juana Leguizamón uWu
    Pred mesiacom

    thank you so much. Este video me esta ayudando mucho a pasar este momento (si, muy cursi) gracias por hacer esta copilación

  87. Daniela Silva
    Daniela Silva
    Pred mesiacom

    Guys, help me ¿Which is the song of minute 46:00?

  88. Clar Ice Tayag
    Clar Ice Tayag
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