Sunergos Milk Training Video: Learn Milk Science, Steaming, and Latte Art

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In this video, we cover basic barista science about milk, how to heat and texture milk to form a delicious base for drinks, and how to pour it to look pretty.
"Milk Science" Chapter 1 1:00
"Milk Steaming" Chapter 2 5:00
"Milk Pouring" Chapter 3 12:55
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    Thank you for this very useful video, may I know the pitcher and the cup size? I’m guessing 12oz picker and maybe a 7oz cup?

  5. Tham Tham
    Tham Tham
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    Hi why submerging the wand will stop aeration? Air still inject into milk but deeper, isn’t it? I am new and still learning.

  6. Made Yogiartini
    Made Yogiartini
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  14. ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false
    ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false
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    I actually prefer the "hazy beige" one inch pour, that way the foam has the best flavor IMO.

  15. ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false
    ⓘ Official sources say this comment is false
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    Dylan L
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  19. The Potato
    The Potato
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    by far the best tutorial i've seen. Most videos are just showing off that they know facts and words but never really explain wtf they meant by that. And they especially tend to forget the to explain the steaming stage.

  20. Dan Alic
    Dan Alic
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    Gedion Samuel
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    Where has this been all this time I’ve been through countless “tutorials”?! Simply the most thorough and helpful latte art and foam video I’ve ever ran across. From the chemistry to understanding what exactly is happening to the actual practical application and technique, there’s simply nothing left that this video doesn’t cover. Well done and thanks so much!!! Subbed immediately. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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    B l o o s o m P a r r o t
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    Man, you are the best. You explained evertything, even whats for me very important is, you explained how much milk you need in the pitcher so i can make a foam for 6oz of coffee, while others i see in SVplus, they always are saying that you have to fill your pitcher exactly in half and i was always using that advice and that's why in the end i have problem with latte art because filling the cup too much and i have no room for the latte art xD

  25. Andy Valdez
    Andy Valdez
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